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Shamrock Roofing & Constructions provides free Cedar Bluffs IA roof inspections and can be performed for various reasons, but most frequently include:

  • Assess the extent of storm-related roof damage
  • Assess quality of workmanship
  • Assess condition of materials
  • Determine the probable estimated roof life expectancy
  • Provide recommended general maintenance
  • Determine the cause of water damage/leakage

Cedar Bluffs roof inspections

Regardless of the reasons for your Cedar Bluffs roof inspection, a roof inspection is performed “upon the roof” (not the ground) by someone who has the training, knowledge, and experience to identify all relevant factors, including:

  • Normal weathering
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Storm-related damage
  • Intentional (i.e. mechanical/hammer-caused) damage
  • Un-intentional (i.e. footfall, tree limbs, rodents, etc) damage
  • Standard methods of installation
  • Compliance to local code requirements
  • Proper integration of roofing with siding
  • Proper ventilation

For more information about FREE roof inspections from the best Cedar Bluffs IA roofers, Shamrock Roofing & Construction, call (913) 850-6556 or email us here:

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