3 Best Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

Fall and winter are critical times for every Kansas City roofing company.  Even the best roofers in Kansas City have to ensure that their roofs are ready to take on the most extreme winter weather.  Protecting your home and family from exterior weather is your roof’s top priority, and the harsher winter months can push your roof more than usual.  This is why preparing your roof with excellent fall roof maintenance is essential to ensure your roof remains healthy throughout the winter months.  Here are the 3 best fall roof maintenance tips learned from residential roofing contractor in Kansas City.

Clean Your Gutters


Remembering to clean your gutters can be a tedious and monotonous chore, but is extremely important to ensure a healthy and leak-free home.  Companies that perform roof repair and roof replacement in Kansas City find damage caused by clogged gutters all the time, but especially in the fall months.  If gutters are not cleaned before the winter snow rests on your roof, it could cause runoff water to leak into your home and cause potentially costly repairs.


Trim Your Home’s Surrounding Trees


Emergency roof repair in Kansas City is always called when overhanging trees fall and damage a house.  This damage can be severe, but with proper trimming practices, a lot of this damage can be potentially avoided.  Trimming your trees back away from your house is extremely important, and is a great safety measure that will keep you from calling upon emergency roof repair in Kansas City.


Request A Pre-Winter Roof Inspection


Commercial roofing contractors in Kansas City will always warn you that winter can be a time of testing for your roof depending on the year’s weather.  Extreme winter weather requires your roof to perform better than ever and work harder than ever to protect you and your home from the harsh weather.  It is always easier to repair a roof in the fall than in the winter, so remember the above roofing tips and always to have a trusted roofer preform a pre-winter inspection sooner rather than later.