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Property Insurance Claim Information

Need to file your property claim for your roof or home?
If you don’t see your company below, please contact Shamrock Roofing and Construction today and we will help guide you with this process.

American Family800-374-1111
Auto Owners517-323-1200
Liberty Mutual800-2CLAIMS
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Reporting a Loss For Your Roof or Home

Don’t be shy about calling your agent and telling him/her that you may have damage to your roof — chances are the company will have adjusters in the area anyway. You can even file your claim online by clicking the link to your insurance above. If you don’t see your insurance company, give us a call and we will help you start your claim with your insurance provider.

After you make the call, make a list of all the damage you have noticed. Some of the things to inspect and to look for are dents in the gutters, bent fins on the air conditioner, dented roof vents and pipe caps, dents in window wraps and facia, and/or damaged lawn furniture and flower pots. Roof damage is the only thing that can’t be assessed from the ground. Just because the damage isn’t visible does not mean that extensive damage isn’t there.

One place to look is at the end of downspouts; look for small pieces of roofing and granules. Also inspect your vehicles; any storm that causes vehicle damage usually causes roof damage. After you have made your inspection, make sure you are home when the adjuster comes and direct their attention to the things you have noted.

Shamrock is more than willing to send a representative to be there when the adjuster comes, as this simplifies the whole process and allows repairs to begin sooner.