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Shamrock Roofer is a diverse team of people who strive to deliver the best product possible. Our roofing company has 55 years of experience in repairing all types of roofs for both commercial buildings and residential homes. We are also specialized in modified bitumen and T.P.O. roofing systems for renovation and new construction. Shingles of all kinds are also part of our expertise.

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Company Culture

At Shamrock Roofing we take the word team very seriously. We challenge each other to give the highest effort and we celebrate one another when we beat the standard by giving the customer nothing but our best. The Shamrock work culture is not one of competition but of cohesiveness as we strive to complete the job with excellence. We are proud of the work we do and the reputation Shamrock Roofing has in the community and, together, we endeavor to uphold it. This attitude is what bonds us together like a family. Working at Shamrock Roofing and Construction is more than a job, it’s a community.  Want to join the Shamrock Roofing team? Apply today!

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