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3 Rooftop Safety Tips From The Your Local Roofer In Kansas City

Whether you’re cleaning out your gutters, cleaning off mold, algae, or debris, or even hanging Christmas lights, we always seem to find ourselves on top of our roof during this time of year.  Residential roofing contractors in Kansas City are trained in the proper safety procedures and safety equipment for rooftop work, but you most likely aren’t!  Emergency roof repair in Kansas City is terrible, but an emergency regarding your safety is even worse!  Find a Kansas City roofing company you can trust to get your rooftop job done!  Here are 3 rooftop safety tips from the best roofer in Kansas City!

Dress For Success


If you plan on spending several hours working on a rooftop project, you will obviously need to wear comfortable clothes, but also clothes that protect you from the surrounding weather.  Wearing clothes and safety equipment that will protect you from the elements is essential to all rooftop work, even roof repair in Kansas City.


During the fall season, wear clothes in preparation for frequent rainfall.  Always check weather reports before climbing on top of your roof.  Wear a rain slicker, and avoid cotton clothes if rain is anticipated.


Invest In Sturdy Boots


Even if you have solid tread on your tennis shoes, your tennis shoes or old hiking boots won’t keep you safe on your rooftop.  Instead of wearing old, worn down shoes, invest in high-quality steel-toed boots.  Many DIY roofing accidents happen due to lack of traction, ankle support, and overall poor shoe support.  Remember, if the job is too dangerous or lengthy; hire your trusted premium Kansas City roofing contractor.


Use An Extension Ladder


Climbing to your roof, and leaning over a too-short ladder causes numerous falls and injuries every year.  The ladder you use needs to safely tough your roof so you don’t have to lean forward, which can topple the ladder.  Your ladder should extend slightly higher than your roof.  Make sure both ladder edges are confidently resting on your roof’s ledge before climbing.  An extension ladder will help you reach your rooftop safely, and work more comfortably and confidently.


Stay Safe While You Work


DIY roofing can be dangerous, even if its just cleaning your roof, which is why it’s always smart to hire residential or commercial roofing contractors in Kansas City.  Hopefully, these safety tips will not only help you keep your roof safe and beautiful, but also keep yourself safe as well.  Make sure you have a partner to help keep you safe before ever climbing onto your rooftop to perform any project.  Safety first!