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3 Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Winter can be beautiful, but also damaging to your roof and home.  Your premium Johnson County roofing contractor is here to help provide tips and tricks that can save you money, and ensure that your roof continues to fight through many winters to come.  Temperatures are dipping, and everyone will cuddle up indoors, but is your roof as ready for the cold weather as you are?  Here are 3 winter roof maintenance tips from the residential roofing company and commercial roofing contractors in Johnson County.   

Remove Snow As Soon As Possible 

Snow on a rooftop can look picture perfect, but unfortunately, prepare for snow because it can also have devastating effects on your roof.  Residential roofing contractors in Johnson County know that snow covering a neighborhood is more than just a reason for a snow day, but a reason to ensure the quality of your roof.  If precipitation remains on your roof, it can create what is commonly referred to as “Ice Dams.”  Water on your roof is nothing new, but if it refreezes, then this can create a significant issue.  Ice Dams can result in leakage and damaged roofing materials, which often lead to costly roof repair in Johnson County.  Remove all snow and ice from your roof as quickly as possible to ensure that water does not refreeze where it shouldn’t. 


Repair Flashing 

When starting your winter roof maintenance routine, looking into the health of your existing flashing is hugely vital to the endurance of your roof.  If faulty, call for emergency roof repair in Johnson County and get it repaired by the best roofer in Johnson County as quickly as possible.  If your flashing is faulty, snow and ice precipitation are able to enter your roofing system and cause moisture buildup more freely.  This can result in mold or mildew formation, or even costly leakage and further damage.

Inspect For Wind Damage 

Snow and ice are obviously the most dangerous culprits during the winter seasons, but wind also has the potential to damage your old or new roof in Johnson County.  Take steps to repair any areas of your roof that may have been compromised by wind damage during the winter months.  Look for missing, damaged, or torn off shingles or any other roofing material.  Wind appear innocent, but it can certainly cause damage to your roof.