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3 Winter Roofing Maintenance Tips

Winter is coming, but for a lot of residential roofing contractors in Kansas City, it’s already here.  The best Kansas city roofer will tell you that there are essential and vital steps you have to take to winterize your roof.  Don’t just maintain your roof to avoid roof repair in Kansas City, but perform maintenance on your roof to keep your new roof in Kansas City healthy and robust.  Here are 3 winter roofing maintenance tips from your Kansas City roofing company.

Keep Your Gutters Clean


Your gutters and drainage are small but are a huge part of your roofing system.  Every premium Kansas City roofing contractor will tell you how important it is to keep any dirt and debris out of your gutters and drainage system.  Dirt and debris left in your gutters can result in leakage, which can lead to emergency roof repair in Kansas City.  Cleaning your gutters and drainage system is incredibly important.

Inspect Your Roof


When was the last time you inspected your roof or had residential or commercial roofing contractors in Kansas City inspect your roof?  If you’re like most people, then it’s been too long.  Two apparent signs of severe structural damage to look out for are if your roof is sagging in the middle, or if there is evidence of water damage on your ceilings or in your attic.

How Much Snow Is Too Much?


Blizzards can harm your roof at a moments notice.  Not a lot of people appreciate a blizzard, but your roof never does.  How much snow can a roof handle?  To find out how much snow your roof can safely hold; contact your trusted roofing company today.  Remember to also work with your trusted roofing company to build a snow removal plan.

Stay Off Of Your Roof!


Although it’s tempting to take roof maintenance into your own hands, it can be seriously dangerous unless you have the proper training and safety equipment to ensure the job will get done safely and effectively.  Climbing out on a snow covered roof is always going to be a bad idea.  Conditions are slippery at best, and one miss-step could leave you fallen and seriously injured.  Your roofing company is here for you!  Contact your local roofing company today to get you prepare for winter if you notice any issues that need to be addressed while snow still rests on your roof.