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4 Benefits of a New Commercial Roof

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If you own a commercial building, you’re likely cost-conscious when it comes to building upgrades, repairs, overall maintenance, and management. In fact, many property owners plan for these expenses months in advance. However, even the most forward-thinking owners don’t always include roof replacement costs in their forecasts.

This can be a big mistake. Sometimes a roof replacement (especially for commercial buildings with TPO roofing) is unavoidable. If you haven’t planned for it, your bottom line may take an unexpected and sizable hit. Fortunately, a new roof installation also provides many benefits that pay for themselves over time. 

Here’s what the best Plano roofing contractors have to say about the benefits of a new commercial roof.

#1. Overall Safety Upgrades

One of the biggest advantages of installing a new commercial roof is the added layer of protection. When you search for “roofing contractors near me,” you’ll find that most providers offer a roof inspection before the project gets underway. This initial step allows your roofer to check for any safety issues and determine the best way to address any concerns. Plus, the latest roofing technology is light-years ahead when it comes to strength and resistance, so with a new roof, you’re protected all around.

#2. Longevity You’ll Love

New roofing materials have also improved significantly in terms of durability. The average lifespan for TPO roofing is approximately 15-20 years, so your upfront costs will have a long-term impact. Whether you plan to keep the building in your real estate portfolio or look to sell in the near future, a new commercial roof is built to last. 

#3. A Financial No-Brainer 

While the cost of a new roof may sting initially, most property owners can appreciate the long-term financial benefits. Plano roofing contractors say their clients regularly report decreased energy costs after a new roof installation. Newer materials are more energy-efficient, reflecting the sun’s harsh UV rays and reducing overall heating and cooling costs. This boosts your building’s productivity and profitability. Plus, with the help of a qualified tax attorney, you can claim depreciation on your tax return, reaping even more financial gains. 

#4. Improved Resale Value

Lastly, a new roof ups the ante when it comes to the resale value of your commercial property. Potential buyers know how expensive a new roof can be, so they take a hard look at the roof when considering the purchase of a commercial building. Buyers who see a fairly new roof take this into account when deliberating on the purchase price. If you’ve recently put a new roof on the property, you can more easily negotiate a deal that works for you.

Let Shamrock Roofing Help with Your New Commercial Roof!

Whether you’re ready to explore the possibilities of a new commercial roof or you’re casually looking for “roof repair near me,” consider Shamrock Roofing and Construction. We can handle all your roofing needs, both commercial and residential. Our experienced team of Plano roofing contractors has the knowledge and expertise to help with any roofing concern, big or small. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!