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5 DIY Roofing Safety Tips

Climbing on top of a roof is something that should always be taken seriously. There are many risks involved in standing atop a roof, such as falling. While we highly suggest hiring professional roofing companies in Overland Park, if you are considering doing a roofing project or inspection yourself, here are five DIY roofing safety tips to follow. 

5 DIY Roofing Safety Tips

Roofing Safety Tips

1. Have a Partner –

Rule number one is never to work alone! Always be sure you have a partner working alongside you in the instance of an accident. An extra set of hands will make the project go by faster too. You never see someone from a premier roofing company in Overland Park working alone, do you? 

2. Know How to Properly Use a Ladder 

Climbing a ladder can be dangerous if not used properly. Before ever stepping foot on a ladder, always check the condition of it. If it’s usable, be sure to place your ladder on a solid, level surface. If you use an extension ladder, extend it at least 3 feet past the edge it rests against. 

3. Examine Roof Condition

Before you start walking across your roof to check for damage from leaks, the your roofing companies in Overland Park always recommend examining the condition of it first. How old is your roof? What is it made of? Have you had many roof problems in the past? These are a few questions roofing contractors in Overland Park ask before climbing. While a roof may look decent upfront, underneath may be a different story.  

4. Check the Weather

Always avoid walking on top of a wet roof. Also, it’s best not to work on your roof on extremely hot or cold days. Such weather can impact the application of shingles and other materials.  

5. Wear Proper Attire

If you plan on walking on top of your roof, it’s suggested you wear soft-soled shoes for good traction. Additionally, it’s important to wear a hard hat and eye protection. In the construction industry, falls account for nearly 40% of all fatalities. Like we said, climbing a roof should always be taken seriously! 

If you’re not feeling up to the task, don’t have experience or equipment, or need emergency commercial roof repair in Overland Park – don’t fret! The best roofer in Overland Park is just a call away. With Shamrock Roofing and Construction working for you, you can feel confident knowing your roof is in trusted, knowledgeable hands and ask for any roofing problems. Don’t just trust any company offering premier roofing in Overland Park to do the job for you.