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5 Signs You Need a Roof Replacement: Tips from Top Roofers in Des Moines, Iowa

Your roof always has your back, keeping you safe from any of the weather conditions thrown at it in Des Moines, Iowa. And sometimes, a roof is just there—you don’t even think of it! But roofs don’t last forever and it’s possible that you might need a roof replacement. There are five signs to look out for that tell you if you need a replacement. And, if you do, Shamrock Roofing and Construction has a solution for you! 

5 Signs You Need a Des Moines Roof Replacement 

If you’re wondering if you need a roof replacement in Des Moines, here are five signs to look out for before calling roof repair and maintenance services: 

Damage after a storm 

Des Moines roof replacement is often necessary due to extreme weather conditions and storms. Iowa has its share of extreme weather, including tornadoes and blizzards. There have been notable storms through the years that have significantly impacted Iowa and its citizens.  

If there’s been a storm, check your roof. See if there are any visible signs of damage and, if you’re not sure,  Shamrock Roofing and Construction is just a call away—contact us to come out and assess if there’s been any damage.  

Leaking water 

Leaks are no good! If you notice any water leaking inside your house or externally, it’s a sure sign you need a roof replacement. Signs to look for include water stains in the ceiling, mold, high humidity, or a musty smell. 

If leaking water goes unnoticed for a long time, it can create significant water damage. And, if the leaking is due to lack of maintenance, it’s likely not covered by insurance policies. So, regularly keep your eye out for potential leaks and get your roof replaced if you see any! 

Old tiles are lifting 

Roofs are made of different types of materials, and your Des Moines roof replacement expert will be able to recommend the best option for you. But no matter the material, roofs are made from shingles of the material. They should lay flat to your house and not lift or move. So, if you see any of the old tiles lifting or the edges curling up and becoming disfigured, it might be a sign that it’s time to get your roof replaced.  


Another sign that you may need a Des Moines roof replacement is if the tiles are discoloring. Depending on the material, some materials may change color naturally. But if it is looking significantly different than the original installation, it may be time to get a roof repair and maintenance services specialist to see if it needs to be replaced.  


With high quality materials, roofs can last for decades. So, if you just had a new roof a few years ago and don’t notice any of the above signs, it’s probably okay. But if it’s been 20, 30, or more years, you might want to contact a roof and repair maintenance services specialist to see the condition of your roof.  

Des Moines Roof Replacement 

Des Moines roof replacement might not be your favorite thing to do, but it’s not something you should ignore! Your roof keeps you safe and secure, so proper care, maintenance, and replacement is important. At Shamrock Roofing and Construction, we’ve worked with thousands of clients for their Des Moines roof replacement… and we’d love to work with you! Contact us if you have any questions about our roof repair and maintenance services.