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5 Tips for Preventing Ice Dams

Ice damming on roof

The winter months are slowly approaching, and Kansas City roofing contractors are in full swing, helping homeowners get prepped while the weather is still tolerable. If you’re from Kansas City, you know the metro area often experiences wintry forecasts that can wreak havoc and damage homes across the community. The construction of many homes in the area makes them especially vulnerable to one of winter’s most common occurrences: ice dams.

There are some preventive measures you can take before winter strikes. If you don’t want to have to call for storm damage repair in Kansas City at the close of the season, follow these simple tips for keeping your roof free from ice damming. If you have questions, our team at Shamrock Roofing and Construction is happy to help.

#1. Double-Check Ventilation

The natural setup of most roofing ventilation systems will circulate cold air underneath the roof’s surface. With this in mind, make sure your attic vents have similarly sized openings and are large enough to accommodate the square footage of your space. KC roofers can help with this task and ensure your home has a clear pathway from roofing eaves to vents.

#2. Cover Obvious Openings

Many older homes have attic fans or unsealed attic hatches. These features are helpful at certain times of the year, but they create opportunities for heat to escape during the winter months. It’s wise to invest in a hatch cap that can be used to cover these openings to restrict the airflow and maintain the temperature in the attic.

#3. Insulate! Insulate! Insulate!

Check the insulation in the attic to make sure you have enough up there. Building codes require 12 – 14 inches of insulation in the attic. Make sure the insulation extends into nooks and crannies, so warm air from below doesn’t infiltrate. Another quick trick often used to thwart ice dams is to insulate the attic floor. This technique traps heat where it belongs and maintains the temperature balance necessary to protect your roof. There are lots of reputable Kansas City roofing contractors that can help you determine how much insulation you need to be effective. 

#4. Chimney Maintenance

Another space particularly vulnerable to ice dams is the groove between the chimney and the frame or the house. Make sure your flashing in this area is intact, with no buckles or ripples. To avoid any safety hazards and obtain the best results, use steel flashing, which is fire resistant.

#5. Direct Exhaust Outward

While most homes are already set up this way, it doesn’t hurt to double-check the vents from your kitchen, bathroom, and dryer. These ventilation components should all point outdoors via the roof or walls and should all be in good working order. If you notice anything amiss, call a trusted team of KC roofers for help.

Get Ready for Winter Now

The pros at Shamrock Roofing and Construction can help you get your home ready for the winter. We offer free residential roof inspections to Kansas City homeowners. A roof inspection is an excellent place to start when prepping your home for snow and ice. Avoid having to call for winter storm damage repair on your Kansas City home. Contact us today for more information.