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7 Questions to Ask Your Roofer Before Starting a Project

If your roof shows signs of wear and tear, it may be time for a roof replacement. Choosing the right time to invest in your roof is essential, but selecting the right roofing company in Arkansas is even more critical. In fact, the right roofer can make or break the process. 

Finding the right team for your roof replacement in Arkansas is easier said than done. Here are 7 questions we recommend asking any roofer before you have them set foot on your roof.

#1. Do You Have the Right Credentials?

Nearly every state requires a license to operate a roofing company. A qualified roofing team should be able to furnish proof of licensure upfront. You also want a roofer who’s insured. This helps you avoid a lawsuit if one of the workers gets hurt while working on your roof. You also don’t want any accidental damage to hit your homeowners insurance. Asking for proof of insurance is common sense. Don’t be afraid to do it.

#2. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Your roof is a valuable asset, so you don’t want a novice roofer in Little Rock, AR, handling the project. Ask your roofer about their experience (especially with projects in your neighborhood), and request photos and references so you can review their work before signing a contract.

#3. Do You Have Your Own Team?

Some roofing companies contract with outside roofers to complete a project, especially during busy seasons. This can lead to miscommunication, inconsistencies in craftsmanship, and an overall headache for you and your family. It’s much better to work with a roofing company in Arkansas that hires and trains its own employees. It makes a huge difference in the end result!

#4. What Happens if New Damage is Spotted?

Sometimes, a roofing project unveils damage you didn’t know existed. It’s wise to question your roofer about the process for handling this scenario. Will they repair it and hand you a bigger bill at the end of the project? Or will they consult you before moving forward? Gain clarification on this important point before moving forward with your roofing project. 

#5. When Can You Get Started?

While you may find a roofer in Little Rock, AR, that checks all the boxes, their availability and timeline might not fit your needs. Confirm a start date and an estimated timeline for completion before making your final decision.

#6. Will You Keep My Place Clean?

Roofing projects are messy. The last thing you need to deal with is a pile of debris generated by the project. This won’t be a problem if your roofer cleans up at the end of each day. Ask them what steps they take to protect your yard, driveway, and landscaping while they work on your roof. At the end of the project, your property should look as good as it did when it started.

#7. Will You Be My Roofer for Life?

Once you establish a relationship with a quality roofer, you’ll want them to handle all your roofing needs. Ask about maintenance plans once the roof replacement in Arkansas is complete. You’ll save time and money by selecting a company that can meet ongoing roofing concerns instead of starting from scratch with each new issue.

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