7 Signs You Need Roof Repair in Kansas City

Storm damage in Kansas City can often lead to emergency roof repair in Kansas City or even roof replacement, which can lead to a range of other issues.  Finding commercial roofing Kansas City Contractors that you trust can be incredibly helpful when dealing with the financial backlash a storm can have on your roof.  No homeowners want to learn that their roof needs to be repaired or replaced, so watching for the signs, and catching damage early can help keep your roof stronger than ever, and continue to fend off storms and debris. Here are 7 signs that you need roof repair in Kansas City:

Exterior Inspection:


Although you see it every day, most homeowners don’t pay too much attention tow hat their roof looks like on a daily basis.  Taking the time to safely do a roof inspection a couple of times a year can be extremely helpful when locating weak spots, or areas that might cause trouble if a storm does affect your roof in a particular way.  Hail Damage, for example, can be extremely damaging to a roof if not properly maintained, so continuously keeping the strength of your roof can help save you money later on.


Damaged Shingles:


Sending one of your trusted residential roofing contractors in Kansas City up to inspect your singles specifically is an incredibly healthy routine to start.  Repairing or replacing any missing, cracked, curled, or damaged shingles is vital to maintaining the strength of your roof.  This can prolong your roof’s lifespan, and again, help save you money in a long run.  Most importantly, it will better keep you safe from storm damage.


Sagging Roof Deck:


Although your roof may have different degrees of pitch, your roof should appear to be straight along its lines.  If you notice that there are areas that are sagging, warped, or curled, don’t hesitate to reach out to your premium Kansas City roofing contractor today!


Clogged Gutters:


Clogged gutters can be an issue that can go unnoticed for some time, and cause a great deal of discomfort if leaking occurs due to the poor drainage.  If you find pieces of shingle inside your rain gutters while cleaning them, this can be a sign that your roof is deteriorating, and needs to be replaced.


Algae Growth & Wet Spots:


Yes, color can change in the sun or the weather, but the color of your roof is significant.  If you notice any dark spots or streaks of algae, your roof may have deeper seeded issues than the surface may show.  Have an inspection done, and make sure your roof is not infected with algae or wet spots.  If unattended, these issues can cause leaks and potential damage to other areas of your structure.


Exterior Light Showing Through:


It’s not just the outside of your roof that can point you to damaged or destroyed materials or elements.  The last thing you want to see through your roof is sunlight, and sadly, this can be an issue even without storm damage.  Check your attic for sunshine on bright days, and make sure your roof is in a healthy state and improve efficiency of the roof.




Just because you don’t notice any sagging on the outside of your roof, there still might be sagging from wood rot or water damage on the inside.  You can inspect for wood rot and water damage in your attic and call your trusted commercial roofing contractors in Kansas City for proper repair and inspection of the damaged area.


Taking care of your roof is one of the best ways to maintain a secure and happy home.  Small roof repairs or partial replacements can be resolved quickly and painlessly if the damaged areas are noticed quickly, so make sure to routinely check your roof, inside and out, for any weak or damaged sections.