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A Day in the Life: What It’s Like to Be a Residential Roofer

Homeowners sometimes have a hard time understanding why a job costs what it does. And they don’t understand why it’s so hard to find good roofers. But when you really look at what roofers do on a typical day, you get a better idea of why it’s so important to hire only the best.

Here’s a quick overview of what a residential roofer in Fayetteville deals with on a typical day, courtesy of Shamrock Roofing and Construction.

Roofers Wake Up Early

One of the first things to know about local roofers in Fayetteville is that they’re morning people. Most roofers in the area like to get a jump on the day before the heat kicks in. This means they have to get plenty of rest the night before and make time for a hearty breakfast before they head out to the job site. Roofing is physically demanding and requires a lot of energy.

Weekend Work is Typical

Any roofer who likes to reserve weekends for travel, chores, or rest may be in the wrong business. While finishing up jobs during the week is ideal, many roofing companies expect their roofers to work on weekends. This is especially true if a project gets off-track due to weather or other unanticipated disruptions during the week. If a conversation is required with a homeowner, weekends are often best for that because people have busy work schedules during the week.

It’s Physical and Sometimes Dangerous

Roofing can be a dangerous career. For obvious reasons, much of a roofer’s time is spent on the roof. For a roof inspection on a Fayetteville home, roof repairs, maintenance, or roof replacement jobs, the roofer is on a ladder, walking on top of homes, some of which are two stories, and navigating pitches and slopes of various degrees. And they do all this while carrying heavy roofing materials and handling power tools. They have to have exceptional balance to rip off old underlayment and quickly apply new materials using dangerous tools such as nail guns and commercial staplers. In addition, this work is largely done in hot, humid conditions, making it even more exhausting and physically demanding.

It’s Very Seasonal

Roofing work ebbs and flows with the seasons. Most roofing work takes place in the warmer months (late spring to early fall). If you’re planning a new roof installation, you may be able to save a little money on the job by scheduling it toward the end of the season. At that point, many roofers are primarily doing roof inspections on Fayetteville homes, and they may welcome the opportunity to squeeze in an extra job before the weather turns cold. They have to eat all year, you know.

It’s Not All Outdoor Work

Many workers decide to become a roofer in Fayetteville because they love the outdoors and working with their hands. But that’s not all the job is about. There’s paperwork involved, too. Roofers are still expected to attend staff meetings, take courses on safety, and occasionally assist with insurance paperwork for roofing claims. And all this comes on top of any roofing jobs they have going. The timeline promised to the customer still has to be met, regardless of how much paperwork there is in the evenings.

Need Roof Repairs? Call Shamrock Roofing

Now that you know what goes into being a great roofer, you’ll have a better appreciation for what they do the next time you call for help. Shamrock Roofing and Construction is staffed with top-notch roofers who have over 55 years of experience in the roofing industry. If you’re looking for a roofing company that knows what it takes to get the job done, contact us today. We’ll get you scheduled for a free roof inspection and help you determine what your roof needs from there!