A Facility Manager’s Guide to Apartment Building Roof Maintenance

If you’re an apartment building manager, you know your time is stretched pretty thin. It can be difficult to juggle finances, engage in marketing efforts, and satisfy current tenants while also managing day-to-day affairs. That’s why scheduling regular roof maintenance usually lands at the bottom of the to-do list. 

Luckily, this task is made easy with a simple search for “qualified roofing contractors near me.” Experts on commercial roofing in Tulsa know how to care for your TPO or other roofing system in a way that makes things seamless and hassle-free, freeing up time for more visible or urgent aspects of your job. Here’s how facility managers benefit from a roof maintenance plan.

#1. Regular Cleaning 

Like anything, regular cleaning offers preventative benefits. Dirt and debris build-up creates conditions ripe for pooling water and mold and mildew growth — definite no-nos when it comes to a healthy building and a long-lasting roof structure. When you hire an expert on commercial roofing in Tulsa for annual maintenance, you can expect a thorough cleaning of your roof’s surface, gutters, and reflective membranes, maximizing energy efficiency and overall longevity. You also ensure a healthier environment for tenants to live in.

#2. Prompt and Proactive Fixes 

Most roofing issues don’t happen overnight. They take weeks, months, even years to develop. Spotting problems while they’re small is another advantage of regular roof maintenance. 

Most of the time, it’s more cost-effective to repair a roof than replace it (especially for apartment buildings with TPO roofing). Having the eyes of a professional on your property year-round is a good move. This way, any problem areas can be addressed quickly and efficiently, saving time and money in the long run. Building owners appreciate this.

#3. Insurance Savings

Business owners are often concerned about the bottom line. After all, most apartment buildings are purchased as a long-term investment. Luckily, regular roof maintenance offers significant savings when it comes to insurance fees. A well-maintained roof is less likely to require a claim in the first place. A solid history of regular roof maintenance is a good thing to have in your corner if the moment ever arrives to file a claim. Insurance carriers are more willing to work with responsible facilities managers. Plus, you might be eligible for a premium discount when you provide proof of maintenance. Check with your provider, and then start searching for “roofing contractors near me”!

#4. Reduced Liability

Of course, having a well-maintained roof is essential for your tenants too. Property maintenance is the responsibility of the landlord, and your tenants will appreciate living in a space that receives regular TLC. Plus, engaging in regular roof maintenance can reduce your liability if there are ever any tenant claims down the road.

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