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A roof tile that can last a 100 years

Mankind has been making homes for 100’s of years. Modern housing style has been around since early years of civilisation and the material used in roofing during the 3rd millennium can even be seen in archaeological findings even today. We are talking about clay. Clay has been used to make roofs, utensils, furniture, and almost anything that you can think off since the early years of civilization and we still continue to find things made from clay in perfect condition and good shape even after a hundred years.

Clay tile roofing has been used across the world in all architectural styles. Some use flat tiles and some use curved but the material is the same. Clay tile roofing can last at least fifty years and can also last for well over 100 years. It is robust, very dense molecular structure and highly resistant to weather conditions. 

However there is one weakness and that is it chips and cracks under a too much weight. Clay tiles are resistant to rotting and insects cannot make holes in them and this also increases the lifespan of the roof. Clay tiles are heavy due to their nature and need additional structural support for clay tile roofing.

Clay tile roofing may be an expensive option however the life span makes it a worthwhile investment. It also increases the value of the property and gives a much more beautiful and sophisticated visual appeal.