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A Tile Roof Primer from Shamrock Roofing

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Tile roofs are rising in popularity across the country, and local roofers in Lee’s Summit are noticing an increasing number of homeowners opting for this stylish trend. However, not all tile roofs are created equal when it comes to quality. Many roofing manufacturers offer a line of replica tiles made from concrete or synthetic materials, but these knockoff materials don’t come close to the caliber of a true terra cotta tile roof made with Ludowici tile. 

Shamrock Roofing and Construction, one of Lee’s Summit’s most trusted residential roofing contractors, specializes in all types of residential roofs. We’re especially fond of terra cotta roofs because of their durability and unmatched beauty. If you’re in the market for a luxury tile roof, check out our breakdown of how concrete and synthetic tiles hold up when compared to the higher quality of Ludowici tile.


A terra cotta tile roof built from Ludowici tile stands out in the neighborhood — in a good way! Ludowici clay tiles are made with old-world craftsmanship and a process that’s been passed down through the Ludowici family for generations. Ludowici clay tile is highly resistant to elements like wind, rain, fire, and mildew compared to concrete or synthetic alternatives. With an inferior firing process and inconsistent formulas, many concrete and synthetic tiles have a poorly composed clay body. This makes them vulnerable to cracks, leaks, and breaks, ultimately resulting in the need for lots of maintenance and repairs in the future.

In addition to limited durability, synthetic products are toxic to the environment. Often made from crude oil, these products damage the ozone and add costs for the consumer. On the flip side, roofs made from Ludowici tile are 100% clay, which means they’re 100% recyclable. Ludowici never uses petroleum-based products in the manufacturing process, nor do these tiles require chemical cleaning. This makes them a top pick for environmentally-conscious consumers and residential roofing contractors across the globe. 


Reduced maintenance is another reason to love a genuine terra cotta roof over concrete or synthetic substitutes. There’s nothing cost-effective about continually calling residential roofing contractors for roof maintenance. But concrete and synthetic tiles require regular cleaning, sealing, and sometimes painting to maintain their look. Even with all that, the color tends to fade out over time. Ludowici terra cotta tiles are melded with glaze from the start. This kiln-firing technique (unique to terra cotta) limits fading and reduces the need for touch-ups. 


In addition to high-quality materials, outstanding craftsmanship, and limited maintenance, Ludowici offers the best warranty on the market. The manufacturer is so confident in the quality of its product that it offers an unprecedented 75-year materials warranty. Plus, roofers in Lee’s Summit love the standardized installation process that guarantees each new roof is done to perfection. You won’t find this type of guarantee with a concrete or synthetic tile roof!

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Understanding the pros and cons of the different types of tile roofs is a must for Lee’s Summit homeowners considering a new tile roof for their home. While concrete and synthetic tiles may mimic the aesthetics of a true terra cotta tile, they lack the durability and longevity of an authentic clay tile roof from Ludowici. 

If you’re ready to invest in a terra cotta tile roof, call Shamrock Roofing and Construction. Our team of residential roofing contractors offers a free roof inspection and guidance on selecting the right style of tile roof for your home. Contact us today!