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All About Modified Bitumen for Roofing

For low-slope roofs, modified bitumen is one of the most common materials used today. Since around 1975, this product has been used to improve roofing membranes. According to roofing companies in Omaha, Nebraska, there are many benefits of this product. As one of the your roofing companies in Omaha, we’re going to discuss all about modified bitumen for roofing, what it is, and the benefits of it in this article.   

All About Modified Bitumen What It Is 

In simple terms, modified bitumen is asphalt that has materials like fiberglass or polyester mixed into it. It was developed at a time when oil refineries needed to find new ways to get more from crude oil. What they found was by incorporating materials like rubbers and plastics to asphalt, the performance improved. 

How It’s Used 

This roofing material is designed for and applied on flat roofs, typically commercial buildings. It is an excellent choice for commercial roofing companies in Omaha due to its strength. 


  • Waterproof –

    One of the first and most appreciated features of modified bitumen roofing among homeowners and roofing contractors in Omaha is its waterproof ability, much like EPDM rubber roofs. When appropriately installed by a premier roofing company in Omaha, you can expect your modified bitumen roof to withstand all kinds of weather. 

  • Flexible – 

    Modified bitumen is flexible in more ways than one. Not only is it impact-resistant, but it also can expand and contract without losing its shape! 

  • Tear-resistant

     Due to the inclusion of fiberglass and polyester in modified bitumen roofing, it is exceptionally tear-resistant compared to other commercial roofing options. The best roofer in Omaha might suggest modified bitumen for roofs with high foot traffic.  

  • Easy installation

     There are a few different application processes for modified bitumen. It is most commonly installed with the torch method, but can also be applied using stick rolls and cold adhesives. Emergency roof repair in Omaha on a modified bitumen roof is also an easy process.