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20 miles from downtown Kansas City, Lee’s Summit is a quintessential metropolitan area that furnishes residents and visitors with convenient access to all the urban amenities, attractions and recreational destinations. Located between two significant highways it is exceptionally well connected and boasts of reputed commercial, academic and healthcare institutions. Living in such a delightful place it is only natural that one should have access to best in class facilities in all aspects of life. And when it comes to roofing services Shamrock Roofers is here to provide you top-notch services and relieve you of all your worries about your roofing.

Why us? Shamrock Roofers offers you a wide array of broad-spectrum solutions concerning roof installations, repairment, replacement, installation along with a diverse range of house care solutions that fall under the scope of our services in the lowest possible price in the market. Professional, affordable and reliable we execute every single one of our project, residential and commercial alike with a maximal degree of alacrity and enthusiasm. We procure premium quality roofing materials from a dependable network of genuine suppliers to reduce your expenditure. There are no hidden costs levied unwarrantedly. We also provide you with free of cost inspections and estimates which are as honest as our effort in serving you.

Your roof is the only barrier that stands between your family and the climatic conditions. Depending upon the weather conditions your roof can suffer serious damage at any hour of the day. When inclement weather leads to serious damage, your daily operation is slowed down, potentially resulting in lost peace of mind, missed opportunities, and unhappy moments. If grievous storm damage is left unattended, your roof will suffer more disparaging damage as time goes on. Hence we understand the importance of emergency roofing services and render solutions 24 hours of the day. Feel free to contact Shamrock Roofers at any point in time, whenever you require emergency roofing solutions we will immediately deploy our technicians to alleviate your suffering.