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Asphalt Shingles

If you do not need a new roof, you are probably not considering the different types of asphalt shingles available on the market. However, if your roof is leaking or is 30 years old, you are probably researching to find the best material.

Some contractors will provide recommendations for which type of material to use for a new roof. However, it would probably be best if you did some research for yourself. If you have begun this research, you have probably learned that asphalt shingles are the most popular.

Some people wonder why this type of shingle is so popular. Choice, price, and installation are the reason everybody wants this type of shingle. Out of all of the available materials for a roofing system, asphalt shingles are the most affordable. These shingles are also easy to install, which brings the cost of installation down.

The variety of choices offered by using asphalt shingles is probably the most significant factor when people choose this product. When you first begin to investigate asphalt shingles, you can become overwhelmed with the options. However, these durable shingles typically come in three primary types, which are 3-tab, dimensional (architectural laminate), and luxury (premium) shingles.

Three-tab Shingles

These shingles are made from a durable fiberglass base, which is coded with mineral granules. These granules provide a wide array of different color tones. The appearance of a three-tab shingle is a clean, horizontal view.

In the right conditions, three-tab shingles can last a couple of decades, and they are affordable. However, with this choice, you do not have as many aesthetic options as some of the other options. The three-tab shingle also has a shorter lifespan, and some people have experienced blow off issues with these types of shingles.

Dimensional or Architectural Laminate Shingles

While some people will insist that the three-tab shingle is the most popular, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association knows that the dimensional shingle is the most popular. This popularity is due to the fact these shingles are durable with a multi-dimensional texture and appearance.

Dimensional shingles are made from two or more layers of shingles, which makes them incredibly durable. These shingles will also last over 30 years. However, these types of shingles do cost more upfront than the other types. Some experts say that dimensional shingles are 20 percent more expensive than the three-tab shingles. However, dimensional shingles are 75 cheaper than wood shakes.

Luxury or Premium Shingles

These shingles are multi-dimension with maximum durability. While more expensive than three-tab or dimensional shingles, luxury shingle is still more affordable than slate or cedar options. These types of shingles are used to replace or replicate slate or cedar shake roofs.

The luxury shingle is an excellent alternative to cedar or slate because these other types of shingles can be laborious to install and costly. You get extra weight with luxury shingles because they have additional layers. This excess weight can be twice as much per square as basic three-tab shingles.