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Assisted Living: What’s the Best Type of Roof Repair?

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Assisted living homes and other medical facilities work around-the-clock to provide quality patient care. Lately, the role of the healthcare provider has become even more critical as the world works its way through the recent coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, it appears to be loosening its grip. While the work of caring for patients never stops, these assisted living facilities still require occasional roof repair and maintenance —  just as any other commercial property does.

The critical nature of these facilities and the fragile condition of many of the patients who live in them require decision makers to put forth some extra consideration when it’s time for roof maintenance or repair. Shamrock Roofing and Construction helps facility administrators choose the best type of commercial roof repair in Kansas City. We have over 55 years of commercial roofing experience in the Kansas City area, and we can help assisted living facilities care for their roofs with a minimum of disruption to the residents who live in them.

Time is of the Essence

A big concern with making repairs in any occupied building is the timeline involved. Roof repairs can sometimes take a while, depending on the severity of the issue. Medical facilities are open 24/7 and can’t shut down to accommodate a roofing project. Additionally, these facilities are often tasked with emergency care, so administrators are wary of any project that disrupts the day-to-day operations. 

At Shamrock, we’ve developed processes that allow us to get in and out of an occupied building with minimal disruption to those living inside. Our roofers get in and back out quickly, regardless of whether you have TPO roofing, modified bitumen, BUR, or metal. Materials are delivered to the job site only when needed. Trash bins are onsite to haul away refuse after the work is done. 

If the repairs needed are minimal, roof coatings may be a good option. Roof coatings are typically quick to apply, making them a favorite of building administrators who have to manage a timeline. Facility managers should schedule a commercial roof evaluation with a trusted roofing contractor to determine the best option for their unique needs.

Research Your Options

The cost of commercial roof repair in Kansas City can be a little scary, but doing some research ahead of time on cost and compatibility of roofing materials often pays off. One way to reduce costs (and minimize the time required to complete the project) is to opt for a coating that is compatible with the existing structure. Roof coatings can be layered for durability and conformity and are suited to many different climates. Installation does not require torching, nailing, or fastening, which means that noise and disruption to your facility’s operations are minimized. A trusted roofing contractor can help you choose the roof coatings that are most appropriate for your facility — and your budget. 

Shamrock Roofing Makes Repairs on Assisted Living Facilities

We know that the health and safety of your residents are your top priorities. There’s no need to worry about managing every aspect of the roofing repair process. Shamrock Roofing and Construction will do the heavy lifting for you, making repairs and handling maintenance on your roof as needed — all with a minimum of fuss. Contact us today to schedule a commercial roof evaluation. We’ll take it from there!