FAQs From Roofing Contractors In Kansas City

Q: Do I have to pay Shamrock Roofing & Construction for your claims assistance?

A: NO! We will assist you with your claim from start to finish, at no cost to you! Our claims management program is a complimentary service we provide to all of our storm damage customers.

As your Insurance Claim Specialists, we will make sure that you are taken care of from the beginning of your claim process. Our highly trained staff will work directly with your insurance company to make the claims process straightforward and stress free. We work for YOU!


Q: Should I call my insurance company before I call a roofing company?

A: Usually not. In most cases it is best to have us first come out and assess the damage and have our trained professionals do a complete inspection of your home. We can ensure the roof is eligible for a claim before you call your insurance company. If there is storm damage, we recommend that you utilize our service and have us attend the initial inspection with your claims adjuster. This will assure that the claim is handled properly from the beginning.

If your insurance claim is handled properly, it WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

At Shamrock Roofing & Construction, we have over 4 decades of experience dealing with national insurance companies and successfully working with insurance claims. We have developed a system which will relieve you from the burden and the distractions. We work with your insurance company and adjuster to settle your insurance claims as quickly and equitably as possible. It is important that you maximize your claim and receive payment for all the damages that your policy provides coverage.

All of our customers can benefit from our complimentary claims management program. This program allows our customers to be involved in the claims process as little or as much as you like. We will handle the claim from start to finish, or simply be a consultant which you can benefit from. We guarantee to install your new roof per insurance company pricing and manufacturers specifications.

The claims process should be stress free. If your insurance claim is not handled properly, your claim could be partially or completely denied. Some homeowners have unknowingly and unnecessarily ended up paying thousands of dollars out of pocket. It is not desirable to only replace a portion of your roof.


Q: What if my Shamrock Roofing & Construction estimate is higher than the insurance company estimate or allowance?

A: While this rarely happens, if it does, we work off the same estimating software so apples to apples our estimate should be the same as the insurance adjusters. It may be higher when we find items that the insurance didn’t approve initially.


Q: Can I get my depreciation back?

A: In most cases, yes. Usually, residential policy claims have recoverable depreciation which is initially withheld. Unfortunately, many homeowners never have the “insurance claims process” explained to them and as a result, they could miss out of thousands of dollars of their claim. After the work is completed, we will help you work with your insurance company. We will properly provide them with all the necessary paperwork which will allow you to receive the recoverable depreciation.

There are many small details and variables which apply to each specific claim.


Got Questions?

Contact Us today and we’ll make sure that you understand the insurance claim process in detail before you call your insurance company.

Shamrock Roofing & Construction Is The Leading Authority on Wind, Hail and Storm Related Damage in the Kansas City marketplace!

Insurance Claims due to storm damage is our specialty. We even have Licensed Insurance Adjusters on staff to help you get what you deserve from your insurance company.

When dealing with thousands of claims per year we get a lot of questions… a lot of questions.

Therefore, we want to share some of the questions we get at Shamrock Roofing & Construction about the insurance Claims process.