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27Mar 20

Attic Ventilation is Important

When the discussion of attic ventilation and the proper amount of ventilation necessary starts, it can cause a lot of controversies. A wide variety of research has been conducted on…

25Mar 20

Ventilation: Is It Vital to a Durable Roof?

Roofs are quickly destroyed when excess heat and moisture get into the attic. When you or your family take a shower, boil water, or use a humidifier, moisture can get…

23Mar 20

Steep-slope Roofing System Products

When you need to purchase a new roof, you need to consider a variety of items. Roofing costs and durability are at the top of this list. Other considerations include…

21Mar 20

A Roof’s Worst Enemies

A wide array of factors affects a roof system's performance. The following list is some of the worst enemies of a roof. It would be best if you considered each…

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