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Attic Ventilation is Important

When the discussion of attic ventilation and the proper amount of ventilation necessary starts, it can cause a lot of controversies. A wide variety of research has been conducted on this topic. This research supports the idea of ventilation for…

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Steep-slope Roofing System Products

When you need to purchase a new roof, you need to consider a variety of items. Roofing costs and durability are at the top of this list. Other considerations include aesthetics and architectural style. The perfect roofing system balances these…

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A Roof’s Worst Enemies

A wide array of factors affects a roof system's performance. The following list is some of the worst enemies of a roof. It would be best if you considered each of these enemies when purchasing your new roof system. Sun-…

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Underlayment- The Best Defense

The moisture resistance of the roof structure is significantly affected by what is attached to the roof deck before installing the shingles. When talking about underlayment, several components must be discussed. These components include general roof deck protection, moisture barrier,…

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Asphalt Shingles

If you do not need a new roof, you are probably not considering the different types of asphalt shingles available on the market. However, if your roof is leaking or is 30 years old, you are probably researching to find…

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