Roof Maintenance

A roof tile that can last a 100 years

Mankind has been making homes for 100’s of years. Modern housing style has been around since early years of civilisation and the material used in roofing during the 3rd millennium can even be seen in archaeological findings even today. We are…

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Attempting to Complete Roofing Jobs On Your Own

Sometimes people feel compelled to take on complex tasks by themselves to save time, money, and simply because they feel like they have the knowledge and the know-how to do so. This is not always a bad things. Attempting to…

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Roofing Scams and How They Can Affect You

There are people out there pulling off roofing scams every day. To keep yourself safe from con-jobs know what to look for in a legitimate roofing contractor. Be able to tell the difference between one people that are simply looking…

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How To Remove Mold From Your Roof

You’re going about your business one day and you spot some dreaded discolored spots and stains on your roof. You realize upon further inspection that there is a collection of mold, Moss and algae growing where it shouldn’t be: on…

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Environmentally Friendly Roofing

If you are looking for a way to complete your roofing projects while remaining environmentally friendly, you can start by purchasing environmentally friendly roofing materials. Theses are easier to find than you would think. Stores are starting to sell materials…

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