Buying a Building? Get the Roof Inspected First!

buying a commercial building

Owning a commercial property is a great long-term play when it comes to savvy investing. If you’re a business owner, purchasing your own space has even greater perks with allowance for being your own landlord and raising cash flow by collecting rent from other tenants. However, it’s important not to let the excitement of a new investment cloud your judgment. When considering a purchase of this magnitude, due diligence and a bit of research are required.

Many business owners make the mistake of analyzing only the aesthetics of a space when considering a building purchase. While a renovated lobby, modern lighting, and solid curb appeal are definitely ticket items, they shouldn’t be weighted to the detriment of function and safety. That’s why a commercial roof inspection is a must-do before any contracts are signed. Still not convinced? Here’s what a Kansas City, MO, roofing contractor can do for you – before you purchase your commercial property.

Point Out Surface Defects

Commercial roofing in Kansas City (and across the country) is generally easy to identify by its flat surface. While a flat rooftop is functional and efficient in many ways, the downside is that it can be difficult to spot any defects from ground level. With the help of a Kansas City, MO, roofing contractor, that concern is eliminated. You’ll have someone with a trained eye and years of expertise on your team. A professional roofing contractor can uncover even the smallest problems (cracks, holes, clogged drains) before it’s too late. 

Identify Deeper Faults

The rooftop on a commercial property has a big job to do. It protects the rest of your assets inside the building. But weather, storms, and other natural disasters can wreak havoc on a rooftop over time. These issues can be difficult to spot unless you’re a professional and know where to look. Problems like clogged drainage systems can leave your roof susceptible to standing water, while cracks and splits in the roof’s terminations or metal joints can also result in long-term damage. A commercial roof inspection will help you identify any points of concern and give you the chance to request that these repairs be made either before the sale or as a part of the purchase negotiations.

Create a Life-Long Partnership

Lastly, hiring a company committed to commercial roofing in Kansas City presents a life-long partnership when it comes to your future roofing needs. As with any significant investment, regular maintenance is recommended, and having a friend in the business that you can trust is paramount. You’ll be assured that when you have a roofing need, it’ll be taken care of quickly and with integrity.

Let Shamrock Roofing Be Your Friend in the Roofing Business!

Our team at Shamrock Roofing and Construction is at your service. Our contractors have been helping customers in the Kansas City metro area since 1977. We have a top-notch commercial portfolio, and we enjoy working with investors to make their commercial property purchase a reality. Don’t sign any paperwork until you contact us to schedule a commercial roof inspection. We’ll make sure you’re not walking into any roofing issues that will need to be addressed right after you make the purchase.