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Can Houses Have Flat Roofs?

Flat roofing designs are gaining traction as a popular roofing model for homes across the Des Moines metro area. Typically, the professional roofing industry leans towards flat roofing as a concept for more commercial spaces. But Des Moines, Iowa, roofing companies have seen a surge in requests for flat roofs in many of the area’s residential communities because of the benefits they afford. 

There are many reasons to choose this modern roofing concept for your home. Here’s why the experts at Shamrock Roofing and Construction believe flat roofing may be the ideal choice for many of today’s modern homeowners.

Easy Installation

One benefit of a flat roof is the installation process. Compared to other roofing types like asphalt, clay, or metal, flat roofs require only a single-ply membrane versus the more complex layering and edging systems needed for other roofing structures. The project can typically be completed in one to two days — a bonus for the professional roofing team as well as any homeowner dreading the disruption of a new roof installation project. 

Hassle-Free Maintenance and Repairs

Homeowners (and professional roofing companies like Shamrock Roofing) love the hassle-free nature of a flat roof when it comes to maintenance and repairs. A flat roof is easy to clean and maintain. Unlike other roofing types, power washing is permissible with your standard flat roof making removal of mold and algae a breeze. As a bonus, flat roofs are also easy and fairly inexpensive to repair, making them a top pick for the busy, budget-conscious homeowner.

Many homeowners choose to turn their new flat roof into an outdoor living space, adding grass, trees, flowers, and seating areas that make for perfect outdoor entertaining. Maintenance, in this case, is usually no more complicated than watering the garden.

Improved Resale Value

Flat roof installation offers both aesthetic and functional appeal that has proven to increase home values across the region. Flat roofs are stylish and interesting, adding a modern flare to any home. Plus, in Des Moines, Iowa, local roofing companies find that many homeowners want to convert a newly installed flat roof into an entertainment space once the installation is complete. The flat roof can serve as a bonus space that’s both quirky and inviting — a major selling point when the home hits the market!

Ready for a New Flat Roof? Call Shamrock Roofing and Construction!

Doing a Google search on “roof installation near me” only gets you so far with your roofing needs. If you’re thinking of installing a flat roof, you need the guidance and expertise of a professional roofing company. Our team at Shamrock Roofing and Construction is equipped to help with any roofing project, including a flat roof installation. 

Whether you’re just beginning to explore your options or your mind is already made up, our team of professionals is ready to help. Contact us today to get started, learn more about our roofing services, or schedule a free roof inspection. You’ll be glad you did!