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Can’t Afford a New Roof? We Can Help with Financing!

Counting money for a new roof

It never fails, right? You schedule a free roof inspection just to get your roof checked out and make sure it’s doing okay. That’s when you find out it’s shot, and you need a new one. But a new roof is expensive. Now what?

There’s nothing a homeowner dreads more than hearing they need a new roof. That always means a major outlay of moolah. It’s tough enough to save up cash reserves for ongoing home repairs and general maintenance. Throw a new roof into the mix, and many homeowners despair of ever getting ahead.

We Have the Solution!

Here at Shamrock Roofing in Kansas City, we want our customers to be able to proceed confidently with a new roof installation or roof repair on their KC home when needed. We now offer financing options to help ease the pain of paying for a new roof. We’re all in this together, right? At Shamrock Roofing, we don’t want to send homeowners to the poorhouse over a new roof. Smaller monthly payments make big purchases like this much more manageable for most people.

Here are the Highlights

Here’s a quick breakdown of the steps involved in our financing program.

  • Give us a call at 913-850-6556 and let us know you’d like information on financing your new roof.
  • We’ll give you a link to the online application.
  • Fill out the application, requesting the amount you need ($1,000 – $100,000 is available, depending on your credit history). 
  • Submit the application online and get instant pre-approval.
  • Review the loan options that are presented and choose the one that works best for your budget.
  • Schedule Shamrock Roofing to come out and install your new roof!

Once approved, funds are often available in as little as one business day. APRs start at 5.99%, but a 0% promotional APR is available for those who qualify. The term of the loan varies from one to seven years based on creditworthiness.

Why Financing Makes Sense

There are several reasons why financing your new roof with Shamrock Roofing makes a lot of sense. Instead of making a huge one-time payment, smaller monthly payments are spread out over time, making them much easier on the budget. There’s no need for a home equity loan; you’re actually protecting your equity by installing a new roof rather than tying it up in a loan held by a bank. Financing also keeps you from having to dip into your savings account, which means the money is still there when you need it for the kids or some other home emergency. Lastly, financing with us saves time because most of the process is handled online. You don’t have to waste valuable time visiting banks or other lenders to get help.

Enhancify Makes this Possible

Shamrock Roofing is partnering with online financing marketplace Enhancify to bring this financing option to customers in Kansas City and all the other markets they serve. Enhancify serves the home improvement industry, bringing multiple financing options together in one convenient portal so that customers can choose the plan best suited to their needs. This keeps the options competitive, which means homeowners get the best terms possible. 

Shamrock Roofing and Construction Wants to See You Realize Your Dreams

Here at Shamrock Roofing, we know it’s hard to save a wad of cash for a new roofing installation or roof repair on your KC home. Now you don’t have to. Our financing options make even the priciest designer roof more affordable. Contact us today for more information on our financing options. Or schedule a free roof inspection just to see how your roof is doing. If you need a new one, we have you covered!