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Church Roof Repair

Church buildings are usually 35 years and older. In some instances, they consist of slate and tile roof construction, metal roofing systems, like lead-coated copper, copper itself, stainless steel, zinc and other materials and most recently newly built buildings have used products like concrete shingles. Many church roofs or temple roofs also incorporate flat roof design which is used for educational and business purposes like schools and offices.

The roofs mentioned above need to be first evaluated in terms of material usage and the type of leaks that have been reported. Material usage is probably the most important part of the recommended repairs. At Shamrock Roofing a qualified trained eye will find and supply the necessary equipment in order to reach the various heights found on different churches which can range in many ways in height.

All pitched roofs that are manufactured using the materials mentioned above require years of experience and skills in order to conduct roof repairs and evaluations. Most of which are influenced by height and various pitches of church roofs and steeples.

Once the height has been determined and sufficient safety equipment has been applied an evaluation can begin. At Shamrock Roofing we will provide a pictorial event which will highlight specifically what damage and/or ageing has occurred that has been prompting the leaks. Sometimes it would not be only leaks, since most churches choose to go with wooden roofing aging, cracks and rotting could also be a cause of concern and leakage.