What causes mold on my roof, and how can I get rid of it?

This is a question that many have asked, and many are still asking.  As your premium Platte County Roofing professionals, we want to see both you and your roof happy and healthy, and ready to take on four seasons of sun, rain, and snow.

Not only do many ask what causes the mold and how to get rid of it, but also many often ask how to keep the mold from coming back.  Paying a residential roofing contractor in Platte County to clean your roof time and time again can be monotonous and not cost effective.  So what can you do make sure that nasty mold does not return to your roof?

Cleaning Moss & Algae Off Your Roof in Platte County1

There are many solutions, some more effective than others.  Black mold stains and streaks your roof, and can often be seen negatively from the ground level.  Blue, green, and black mold or algae will show more distinctively on lighter colored shingles.  Working with your premium Platte County roofing contractor, and finding a shingle that is darker, and more resistant to mold can be a step in a positive direction.

The less expensive option is to spray or wash your roof with a mixture of 50% water, and 50% bleach.  This will remove the mold and algae from your roof, and prepare your roof for treatment to make sure they do not grow back.  This solution is much cheaper but comes with its dangers.  The bleach holds a high risk of potentially damaging your shingles, which could result in replacements later on.

Cleaning Moss & Algae Off Your Roof in Platte County1

Another option is to insert 6-inch wide strips of zinc or copper under the row of shingling closets to the roof peak.  This leaves an inch or two of the lower edge exposed to the weather.  Whenever it rains, this system should release some of the molecules down your roof, and remove the mold and algae for you and also get some summer roof tips that will help you out with your roof during summer days.

These solutions range in their efficiency and cost, but all are principles that can be seen working time and time again.  Maintaining a roof is hard work, and comes with its challenges.  As your trusted premium Platte County roofing contractor, we want to see you and your roof grow stronger in the right against mold and algae.  Remember, safety first!  Cleaning your roof can be dangerous, and should only be done when safety is ensured.  Relying on your residential roofing contractor in Platte County is always a safe measure to take.