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Commercial Roof Warranties: Know Your Coverage

Owning and operating a commercial property is a huge responsibility. While there are many things to juggle when it comes to creating a successful business, savvy investors know that purchasing a robust roof warranty is a top priority. 

Why? Roofing structures are one of the most expensive (and vulnerable) components of the building. The cost of roof repair and replacement can impact your bottom line, so taking care of the roof is a must-do. 

However, occasionally, even the most responsible building owners run into unexpected roofing expenses. That’s why understanding your roof warranty is so important. Roofing contractors in Tulsa recommend that you pay attention to the following special clauses when shopping around for a commercial roof warranty.

Maintenance Requirements

Not surprisingly, many warranty contracts include a clause that requires regular roof maintenance for the warranty to remain valid. It’s unreasonable for warranty providers to pay for damages caused by neglect, so documented proof of maintenance is a likely requirement. Of course, Tulsa roofing pros endorse annual maintenance regardless, but it’s good to know whether this is part of your contract or not before signing on the dotted line!

Exclusions and Exceptions to Coverage

Coverage for commercial roofing in Tulsa varies, and some warranties are not as comprehensive as they seem. In reality, most warranties contain an “exclusions to coverage” clause that specifies parts of the roof that are ineligible for repairs or types of damage that don’t qualify for coverage. Roofing contractors in Tulsa are well-versed in reading between the lines, so find a contractor you trust and let them navigate through the fine print. 

Upgrade Policy

Many commercial investors are swayed by the idea of giving their building an aesthetic boost. Upgrades like solar panels, a satellite dish, or fancy skylight installations are quite popular. However, Tulsa roofing contractors warn against investing in these changes before you’ve checked with your warranty provider. Many contracts frown on rooftop modifications that aren’t authorized because they may cause damage to the roof. Proceed with caution!

Call Shamrock Roofing for Help with Commercial Warranty Concerns

Don’t get caught in a tight spot. Whether you need a roof inspection to maintain your warranty or you want more information on commercial roofing in Tulsa, our team at Shamrock Roofing and Construction is equipped to help with all your commercial roofing concerns. Contact us to view a list of current services or speak to a member of our team. We look forward to working with you!