Commercial Roofing 101: The Benefits of TPO Roofing

Commercial property ownership is a challenging and rewarding venture. Taking care of a commercial building requires a lot of physical and mental energy. Whether managing the complexities of the building’s operating expenses, handling tenant issues, or coordinating repairs and maintenance, the work never seems to end. 

Selecting quality components that add value to the building over the long haul is one way to ensure your investment lasts well into the future. A durable roofing structure is paramount to getting the most out of your long-term investment. Serving the dual purpose of keeping tenants safe and protecting property, a good roof also boosts the resale value of the property when the time comes to sell. 

TPO roofing is one of the more popular commercial roofing products on the market. It’s appreciated by both property owners and industry experts on roofing in Des Moines. Here are a few reasons for this. 

A Big Bang for the Buck

One of the biggest benefits of TPO roofing is the relatively low cost. Roof repairs and replacements are costly on commercial roofs because they’re usually quite large. Choosing a roofing product that fits your budget parameters is critical. 

TPO roofing is accessible for nearly any budget. This single-ply membrane is straightforward when it comes to installation, so labor costs are also minimized. It’s a budget-friendly option for fiscally-conscious property owners.

Dynamite Durability

In addition to being relatively inexpensive, TPO roofing is also well-known for its durability. It’s highly effective at redirecting UV rays and is also easy to clean, making it a champion when it comes to resisting dirt, mold, and mildew accumulation. With these preventative measures in place, you can expect a TPO roof to last 25-30 years with proper care and regular maintenance.  

Reduced Energy Costs

One of the best qualities of TPO roofing is that it boasts high ratings for energy efficiency. It’s one of the few products on the market that is 100% recyclable at the end of its lifespan. Your local roofing contractor in Des Moines will likely recommend it if you’re a cost-conscious building owner because TPO has been known to reduce utility costs by as much as 25%. That’s something business people can really appreciate!  

Customizable Molds

This popular roofing material is also highly customizable and adaptable to the needs of your building. Commercial spaces tend to shift and expand with age and various weather conditions. TPO can easily be altered to fit these unanticipated changes. Your local Des Moines roofer will be your guide, so lean on them for support and advice during the installation process.

Easy to Install 

TPO is also relatively easy to install. It comes in single-ply squares, and the layering technique used to apply it (bonding squares to a board with a chemical adhesive) is simple and efficient. If you hire an experienced roofing contractor in Des Moines, your project can usually be completed in just a few days.

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