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Commercial Roofing Contractors in Johnson County Can Protect Your Property with a Roof Inspection

Overtime, even the best roof will need to undergo repair. However, before you hire a Johnson County roofing company, be sure to do your homework. While reading reviews about the company is certainly a good idea, it’s also helpful to understand exactly what a roof inspection does, or should, entail. A good inspection can mean the difference in a high-quality repair or a quick job that calls for costly future repairs.

commercial roofing contractors in Johnson County standing on a cherry picker

What Does an Inspection Entail?
A high-quality roof inspection by a premium Johnson County roofing contractor will cover a number of areas. Typically, the inspector will first perform a thorough interior inspection of the ceiling and other roofing areas. He or she will look for leaks or staining on the ceiling, inspect the attic of the building to ensure it is properly insulated, check for sufficient and proper ventilation, and determine the structural integrity of your roof. The inspector will also do a thorough check for mold, bacteria, and moisture throughout the building, which can be a sign of a faulty or leaky roof.

Once the inspector is satisfied that every necessary area within the building has been examined, he or she will move to the exterior roof. In order to do this, the inspector will access the building’s roof to check for wear and tear. From here, he or she will be able to make an overall assessment of the health and well being of your current roof.

Some things the inspector will look for include ice dams or ice damage, issues with shingles—if there are any, leaks or cracks, damage or problems with the flashing, and areas with poor insulation or ventilation. Chimneys, skylights, and other structures on top of your roof will be studies carefully to make sure they are in proper working condition and do not have leaks or cracks.

How is a Plan for Repair Created?
After an inspection, the roofing contractor will work with you to create a plan for any necessary repair. Emergency roof repair in Johnson County can be costly, but a good contractor will work within your budget to ensure your building is safe and well maintained.

Good commercial roofing contractors in Johnson County will be able to repair most problems encountered on your roof carefully, quickly, and professionally. They will replace any damaged flashing and make sure that any issues creating or caused by ice dams are repaired as well.

Any leaks can also be examined in order to determine the proper course of action. They may be a result of poor drainage caused by clogged gutters. Companies that specialize in commercial roof repair in Johnson County will be able to set up a schedule to have your gutters cleaned regularly, thus reducing the drainage problems and leaks in your roof. By fixing a leaking roof, issues such as mold, air contamination, and mildew from moisture build-up should also be reduced.

In rare cases, your roof may be so severely damaged that your inspector recommends a full roof repair. You will have many options for a new roof in Johnson County. With such a large investment, be sure to do research on the company you choose. If you are in need of a free roof inspection, be sure to call Shamrock Roofing at (913) 850-6556.