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Commercial Roofing Evaluation: Repair or Replace?

commercial roof

After sinking a substantial sum into a commercial building, every owner hopes that all elements of the building will remain sound for many years. This includes the roof, one of the most vital components of any building. Many factors impact the longevity of a flat roof, some of which are caused by improper maintenance or installation. Longevity may also be impacted if the wrong type of roof was put on initially.

It’s a Matter of Time

All building owners are eventually faced with the decision of whether to repair or replace the roof; it’s just a matter of time. A commercial roofing evaluation on your Kansas City property will help assess the damage and identify points of weakness. Several contractors offer premier roofing services in Kansas City. Choose one with a good reputation – one who has been in business long enough to know what they’re talking about.

Analysis Paralysis

It’s tough figuring out the best option when something goes wrong on the roof. Repairing and replacing are both sizable expenses, and as a business owner, it’s essential to be mindful of the budget. Many building owners find themselves spinning their wheels on this decision, being unfamiliar with roofing, in general. Here are a few of the most important factors to consider when doing a preliminary commercial roofing evaluation on your Kansas City property.

Quantify the damage. The extent of the damage is one of the first things to evaluate when deciding whether to repair or replace. A good rule of thumb is the 25% rule. If the damage covers less than 25% of the roof, repairing it may be a viable option. That’s only true, however, if the underlying insulation and structure of the roof are still sound. In this instance, making a repair will be more cost-effective than a roof replacement. On the flip side, if the damage covers more than 25% of the roof or if the insulation is wet or has otherwise failed, replacing the roof is probably the best option.

Determine the impact on business. Is the damaged area over a part of the building that houses essential day-to-day operations? If the damage is over a space that’s critical to running the business, give this some thought. Replacing a roof can be very disruptive to building occupants. Offices may have to be moved to other locations, and work may need to be scheduled for times when business is at its slowest. Repairing, if it’s feasible based on the extent of the damage, will be less disruptive to daily operations than replacing the roof.

Consider length of ownership. How long are you planning on owning the building? If you’re planning on selling the building within the next year or two and the damage is not extensive or structurally impacting, it may make sense to have a roofing contractor perform a commercial roofing assessment on your Kansas City property. Then you can complete regular maintenance and make repairs as needed to bring the building up to code for the impending sale. If you’re planning on holding onto the building for the foreseeable future, it may make more sense to take this opportunity to bring the roof up to modern standards with a full replacement.

Other Considerations

Many other considerations factor into this decision, including warranty coverage, the type of roof, and the current age of the roof. There are also options to consider besides repairing and replacing. You could recoat the damaged section of the roof, instead.

Shamrock Roofing and Construction offers premier roofing services and commercial roofing evaluations throughout the Kansas City metro area. We’re experts when it comes to commercial roofing; we’ve been working on commercial properties for over 55 years! We’ll help you sort through the options and determine the best course of action for your building. Contact us for more information.