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Commercial Roofing Problems – Part 1

Commercial Roofing is different from house roofing and this difference also means a set of problems that are also different from house roofing. As one of the leading roofing contractors here are some of the most common issues with commercial roofing we have dealt with.


Companies usually go for metal roofing for larger properties like warehouses and factories which is the most cost effective option and provides efficient ventilation. The challenges these roofs face is mainly with leaking. 

Leakages can happen due to one of many reasons like rusting, loose joints or links and disfiguring of the sheets due to high winds. Leakage could lead to damages of goods resulting in losses. 

The easiest way to avoid this is to have scheduled checks and conduct maintenance activities frequently as this will reduce the chances of leakages becoming a major problem.

Cheap quality of service: 

The quality of service and material play an important role. Often builders and companies go with contractors who provide the lowest price. Roofing contractors are able to provide a low price by cutting corners in quality or service and materials used.

If the roof construction is not done correctly with the right quality of materials it can decrease the age of the roof and could get damaged in a short period of time resulting in higher maintenance costs. 

Ensure you discuss the service quality, materials used and warranty of the roofing before you finalise the roofing contractor.