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Commercial Roofing Problems – Part 2

Loss of material: 

Commercial roofing normally use single ply sheets of metal and this during the commercial roofing construction needs to be installed properly to the base structure of the roof, if this is not done in the proper manner it could result is billowing, tenting or worse case scenario the roof blowing away with the winds. 

Roofs blowing away not only results in loss for you but could also result in neighbouring property damage or even loss of life. To prevent this every country and state has constructing and building codes which guides minimum quality and service requirements. 

During the planning phase request the commercial roofing company to provide you with these codes which will help you understand the requirements and create a safe and secure working environment.

Water Ponding:

In a more simple language accumulation of water that remains stagnant in one place for over 2 days is called water ponding, this could be due to rains or snow. 

There are multiple concerns that could arise due to this, firstly roofs are not built to stay robust in any weather condition and not to withstand weight. Water can be heavy when it collects in one place and when this happens on a roof the complete roof structure could collapse due to the weight. 

Secondly water due to its nature can give way to multiple problems like rusting, algae formation and odor issues. Keeping an eye on areas where there is water ponding is important and one way to avoid this is to have sufficient drainage through gutter systems.