Commercial Roofing Problems – Part 3

Poor maintenance: 

During maintenance you need to ensure that it is done correctly. Most often than not we rely on quick fix or stop gap solutions and never get back to it or forget about it. This can cause some serious concerns in the long term. Issues with joints and links are often sorted by fixing the damaged joints and links, rusted materials are polished or sanded down and reused. 

These quick fixes might work instantly but makes the overall structure weak and make it roof pron to complete collapse in harsh weather conditions.


This is a very common problem with single ply roofs that is often used in commercial roofing. Shrinkage is basically small bits or layers that pull away from the wall or cracks in the material, due to this the material itself loses the ability to do the job that it is made for as it does not remain as strong as it is expected to be. 

It is important to keep an eye on shrinkage and ensure that this is fixed properly or incase of major shrinkage the material in the affected area is replaced and the structure remains in its optimum capacity. 

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