Whatever it is, our commercial roofing services can get you squared away with the best work at the best price!

When commercial roof repair makes a big problem for you, we’ll work with you to define our approach and schedule to ensure that our business meets your highest roofing expectations.

Our Commercial Roofing Repair Services We offer in Omaha, Nebraska

Below you will find all of the Commercial roofing repair services that we offer at Shamrock here in Omaha Nebraska.

Commercial Roof Repair with Shamrock Roofing:

We see ourselves as visitors to your building. And we would like to leave your home better than we do like any other guest.

We will work to accelerate our repair schedule, or to assess the extent of the damage, to provide a temporary solution that will ensure that no further harm is sustained to your roofs. Repair work is given priority even in non-emergency situations, and will be planned immediately, so that we make sure that we reduce the potential of the consequential damage that may occur.

Repairing Your Commercial Roof in Omaha, Nebraska

commercial roof repairIndustrial and commercial buildings although are different than residential homes, the roofs on them go through the same harsh winters and dry summers that Kansas City is known for. Because of this they end up with the same damages to them as residential roofs end up with, and to add to this they cost a whole heck of a lot a more.

Because of this we recommend having your commercial roof inspected by one of our professionals at least once a year. By doing this you will ensure that your roof will last a long while and can prevent yourself from having major damage issues in the long run. Small issues that arise now can usually be fixed quickly and for a cost way lower than if you were to wait and put it off until later.

For your commercial roof you need not to worry as you can trust us with your industrial roofing needs. We have been repairing and replacing commercial roofs in the Kansas City area for over 40+ years.

Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repaired

Commercial roofs can actually be easier to find out if you are having damage or wear signs telling you that you need your roof replaced. This is because commercial buildings will usually have access to the roof where you can get on top of the roof directly and do thorough searching for signs of damage. Whereas a residential roof can be harder because of the slopes and not having direct walk out access.

All of the signs for residential roofs apply to commercial roofs.

Leaking or Discolored Ceilings

Does your building have discoloration in the ceiling or spots where it looks like water may have gotten through?

This is a sign that your commercial roof needs to be repaired.

Spike in Energy Bill

Do you notice that your company is having increased cost caused from heating and cooling? This is a sign that your commercial buildings needs to be repaired because it is allowing outside air to enter into the building and causes your HVAC system to work more than it should

Peeling / Cracking Roofing Material

Is the roofing material used on your roof starting to discolor, crack, and / or peel? This is a sign that you need to take seriously and call one of our experts to come take a look. This is usually a common sign that your commercial roof is in need of some serious repairs.

Our Emergency Commercial Repair Service We Offer in Omaha

Shamrock roofing is proud to be ranked as the best roofing company in Kansas City, and are prepared to service your roof against any natural element or dangerous weather condition. We are ready to remedy any of your roofing dilemmas in Kansas City, using nothing but the best materials and professionals.

Providing 24-hour commercial roofing services, Shamrock Roofing is the ideal emergency roofing contractor in Kansas City. You can expect professional, excellent, and timely roof repair and services provided to you following any emergency.

Acting as one of your preferred residential and commercial roofing contractors in Kansas City, Shamrock Roofing is excited to serve you and your home in any fashion the situation requires. Shamrock always goes above and beyond and features bi-annual roofing inspections tailored to alleviate the risks of far-reaching structural damages.

Why Choose Shamrock Roofing For your Commercial Roofing Repair Services?

Our goal is to ensure that the work is immediately completed and the existence of our equipment, vehicles has little or no effect on you or your employees and clients.

We will work tirelessly to minimize disruption as much as possible and install a commercial roofing solution of high quality, low maintenance, that will last for several years.

It is our intention to please you 100 percent. We are looking forward to get a call from you today to get a free estimate.
Emergency Roof Repair:

Our Omaha Roofing Construction Services

Here are the all of the commericial roofing contruction services that we offer here in Omaha.

New Commercial Roof Installation & Construction Service:

While other roofing companies may find it easy to identify through observation, there are much more technical details required to determine a quality roofing installation. If you are in need or residential or commercial roofing installation in Kansas City, contact Shamrock Roofing today.

Throughout our years in business, we have worked with many residents and businesses throughout the Kansas City area, helping them increase their structure’s health and comfort. Our quality services and trusted reliability are what set us apart from other competitors.

Are you looking to install a new roof or repair your existing roof? Contact Shamrock Roofing today for your ideal roofing solutions.

Shamrock’s roofing services are specifically designed to make the roofing process stress free and easy. We did this by outlining step by step a process with many stages so that you know exactly what to do and what is going on from start to finish.  One of the stages in our process is the selection of materials.

Selecting the right roofing materials to use for your repair or commercial roofing construction service is the most important stages because it sets up your roof either for to have a long lasting life time, or if you pick the wrong materials it could be cheaper, but often times your roof lifetime is dramatically reduced.

Many “independent builders” miss the main selection criteria and are mistaken at the very beginning. This is not the case for Shamrock, we give you exact details with pricing to help you pick the best materials for your commercial roofing service. When you pick the right commercial roofing materials, it ensure your industrial roof is going to be capable of ensuring long-term and reliable service. So the selection of the roofing materials that you use is very important in regards with the installation and construction of roofs.

This is a question that many of our customers who have commercial buildings want to know. Here at Shamrock we pride ourselves with the quality of the work we preform. In doing so, we are confident in our roofing reliability services and can say with confidence that when you have us install your new commercial roof you will get the maximum amount of time from your roof that you possibly can.

The amount of time that your commercial roof will last all depends on the material that you choose for your commercial roof.

This is why selecting the right materials for your commercial roof is crucial.

New Commercial Roofing Construction

Looking to get your new or existing commercial building a brand new commercial roof designed, built, and installed?

Look no farther because here at Shamrock Roofing we offer New Commercial Roofing Construction services that will fit all budgets and give you the most choices to make your commercial just the way you want it in all sectors, looks, reliability, life span, and cost.

We have a process or many stages to let you know exactly what is going on and just how we are going to go about constructing your new roof so that the process can be worry and stress free.

Checking each of the stages is the key to obtain a reliable and long lasting commercial roof, which will be able to withstand the harshest of either heavy rainfall, hail, or strong winds.

The slightest oversight and negligence can significantly affect the quality of the future roof.

Our Commercial Roof Replacement Service

There comes a time in every building’s life that it requires replacing or fixing the roof structure at least once. If your current roof system is old and recurrent leakage begins, or if the roof system needs insulation rather than energy efficiency, it may be time to consider replacement rather than repairing.

Shamrock Roofing has many years of commercial and industrial roofing experience, specializing in single-layer membrane installations. Our services include roof inspection, repair of all roof forms, partial and complete replacement of the roof and metal work related to the roofing. Our roofing experts are skilled, polite and knowledgeable. We work every day to ensure you’re satisfied with all we do on the site.

Commercial Roof Restoration:

Why Replacing The Roof When We Can Restore It For You:

In the commercial roofing industry, after failing in the standard approach, building owners and facility managers can easily assume that roof replacement is the only option for a questionable roof. When this happens, he ends up being encouraged to look at different offers including saving amount for labor and many more.

But when we come to commercial roofs, replacement and restoration of roofs can be done until the roofs are completely damaged and exhausted. This will help you save a lot of money.

Restoring a Roof Intervening In The Right Moment:

Intervening at the right time with roof restoration can save up to half the cost of complete dismantling and replacement and, of course, avoid interruption of your business and the down time at work while its carried out.

Advantages Of A Shamrock Roof Restoration:

  • Extends the life of a roof and guarantees it.
  • Avoid leaks and return the roof to sealed condition.
  • The roof coating is translucent and completely adhesive.
  • Compared to normal commercial roof replacement, it provides savings of up to 50 per cent.
  • It provides color options that are unique and reflective depending on the weather.
  • Applied liquid and processed in the field.
  • Durable with life extension options beyond warranty.
  • Our Preventative Maintenance Roofing Services

When You Should You Consider A Roof Replacement?

The roof design and method of construction will be determined by the building’s condition and the current roof location.

Daily, we meet with the owners to discuss about the repair, maintenance, inspection, replacement strategy that should be applied to their center’s specific conditions.

We are looking forward to work with you!

We are proud to be a commercial roofing contractor at Shamrock Roofing which you can trust.
Due to the quality of the service we offer our customers regularly decide to return to Shamrock Roofing for future work.

Property managers and midwestern property owners know they can count on us to do the job properly, on time, on budget and with minimal disruption.

For our benefit, we will never try to sell more than you don’t need. Let’s work together to complete the roof work and put your building in perfect condition for years!!

Our Commercial Roof Maintenance & Damage Prevention Services

Below you will find all of your Commercial Maintenance & Damage Prevention Services that we offer here in Omaha, Nebraska.

Commercial Roof inspections

Annual inspections are an essential component of roof maintenance and will add years to your roof life. During a commercial roof inspection our initial role is to assess the roof structure and all the components related to it.

We will be offering a detailed proposal explaining what the existing roof system includes, including the existing roof systems, insulation, patio type, and roof status.
With photographs showing the ceiling system and all the things including walls, drains, ceiling, ventilation edges, magnets, and other intermittent details, the inspection report will be detailed and will certainly explain the state of the ceiling assembly.

This may help to determine the most profitable course of action to maintain existing roofing system and, when necessary, to plan an effective replacement strategy.

Our Commercial Roof Maintenance Services

Here are at Shamrock we pride ourselves in the quality of work we do for all roofing service jobs, but especially our commercial roofing services.

But even though we might build, repair, and create the best and longest lasting commercial roofs, it is still important to maintain the roof to keep small damages and worn out materials in check before it becomes a larger problem.

Here at Shamrock we offer annual commercial roof inspections to help keep your commercial roof in check so that you do not have to worry about expensive repair bills and can be stress free knowing your commercial will last you a very very very long time.


The cost of maintaining or repairing structural damage regularly due to a leak can be expensive. By carrying out a detailed roof assessment, we can help you determine whether your best solution is to continue with repairing your roof or to complete a roof replacement. We will provide you with a full report showing the condition of the current roofing system, where defects or deficiencies occurs, and a proposed action plan to give you the most cost-effective method to extend the roof life, or removing the roof if appropriate.

To remain in perfect condition any building requires regular maintenance and the roof is no exception for it. If proper care is not given to the coating, leakage is the common result. Preventive maintenance is the most proactive method available to the owner to prevent significant costs of repair. Water damage comes at the top of the structural problems list. The only way to capture an existing flow is through an annual inspection of the building component before it causes costly damage.

The Roof is a company’s first shield of defense against the weather and your most valuable asset to your commercial building. Make sure to call us today and keep that roof in check!

Regular maintenance is important for extending the service life of a commercial roofing system. The system will last several years if the business owner schedules regular checks as the seasons change or if he call a repairman at the initial stage of damage. But if the materials are not properly maintained, they can prematurely decomposed and require costly repairs or replacements.

Save money with regular maintenance of your company roof. Many businesses are struggling to make a profit during these difficult financial times and some are trying to cut costs and wait for repairs to stay within budget. But with the regular maintenance costs of repairing a commercial building’s roof, will save money on a long-term basis.