Common Commercial Roofing Issues

Check out these common commercial roofing issues

Any roof can have problems during its lifespan, but a commercial roof presents a unique challenge to facilities managers and building owners. Office buildings, apartment buildings, retail centers, and other large structures cover a lot of space, so any problem on the roof is likely to require a substantial outlay of cash and time to get it resolved. Many commercial roofing issues in Johnson County can be mitigated with proper vigilance and regular maintenance. But even with that, there are times when repairs have to be made.

Common Commercial Roofing Problems to Watch For

Commercial roofing issues on Johnson County buildings typically fall into a few common categories. Many of these roofing problems can be avoided with proper maintenance and by scheduling a regular commercial roofing evaluation for all your Kansas City area properties.

Here are a few of the most common issues that building owners deal with on commercial properties.

Storm Damage

Storms are prevalent in the Midwest during summer months, and they can take a toll on commercial roofs. Strong winds, heavy rain, and hail can damage the surface material, leaving small cracks and fissures that let water in under the roofing material. Heavy winds also bring broken tree branches, leaves, and other debris that clutter up a flat commercial roof and clog drainage systems. If the mess isn’t cleared away, it could cause water to pool. Make sure storm-related debris is cleaned off the roof as soon as possible to prevent any related damage.

During winter months, it’s critical to keep snow and ice cleared off and drains open so that ice damming doesn’t occur.

Wind Uplift

Heavy winds can cause damage just by blowing over a commercial roof. When wind blows across a roof, the surface pressure decreases while the pressure inside the building increases. This happens because air seeps into tiny cracks or other openings in the surface of the roofing material. This is called wind uplift. A commercial roof that’s been installed correctly should have no trouble dealing with wind uplift, but when less-than-expert commercial roofers have installed a roof, powerful winds can tear up the roofing material and let water inside the building.


Another issue that commercial building owners in Johnson County frequently deal with is punctures. Punctures on a commercial roof happen in a variety of ways but most commonly through falling limbs or by people walking on the roof. This type of wound isn’t intentional. Someone climbs up to do maintenance on the A/C unit, install solar panels, or make changes to a satellite dish. These are all common occurrences, but if care isn’t taken to protect the roof from heavy work boots, punctures and other damage may occur. Make sure that anyone who’s getting up on the roof knows what they’re doing and how to protect the roof’s surface.

Call Shamrock Roofing and Construction for Commercial Roofing Needs

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