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Common Problems with Flat Roofs

There are many designs of roofs out there, but when it comes to commercial roofing in Johnson County, Kansas, a flat roof is necessary. There are many advantages for commercial buildings and residential homes designed with flat roofs. It is cost-effective for roofing companies in Johnson County to install, fairly cheap to maintain, easily accessible and offers the possibility of being utilized for other purposes, such as a lounge area or a garden. However, if you own a building or home with a flat roof, there are a few commons problems with this design that you should be aware of. 

  1. Pooling Water

Most of the time, flat roofs have a slight slope for water drainage. However, if the slope is damaged somehow, it can cause pools of water to form and not drain properly. If left untreated, small ponds will lead to more severe and costly issues. 

  1. Leaks

When water does pool up on a flat roof, one of the most serious problems to occur from it is water leakage into the building. This not only causes costly interior repairs, but repairs need to be fixed by roofing contractors in Johnson County. Other reasons for leaks include poor installation, damaged flashing, and age.  

  1. Debris

With no slope on a flat roof, it is easy for debris such as leaves and fallen branches to collect and build up. If it’s not removed and moisture gets to it, a large pile of leaves can wreak havoc to the underlying parts of a roof. 

  1. Alligatoring

As strange of a name it is, “alligatoring” refers to the cracking and bubbling of a flat roof, resembling an alligator’s skin. This occurs when a roof has aged and lost elasticity. Alligatoring is a good indicator you need to call a premier roofing company in Johnson County to come out and replace it. 

  1. Short Lifespan

One of the most significant disadvantages to a flat roof, according to roofing contractors in Johnson Countyis its short lifespan. Residential roof designs and materials tend to have a minimum lifespan of 30 years. A flat roof, however, typically has a much shorter lifespan of 15 years.  

Although there are a few concerns with a flat roof design, it should not discourage homeowners from this kind of roof. Flat roofs offer an amazing aesthetic feature to a home and have numerous advantages to them. Because they do have a much shorter lifespan, if you have a flat roof, you should anticipate replacement soon. For more info on flat roofing in Johnson County, contact our team at Shamrock Roofing and Construction. We are one of the most recognized and your roofing companies in Overland Park.