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Common Roof Problems Identified by a Johnson County Roofing Company: High Wind Damage

Winter storms and high winds can cause a great deal of damage to your home and roof. It is easy for most homeowners to understand the danger of large storms, hail, and tornadoes, but even high winds alone can do considerable roof damage. Have our number handy for any necessary roof repair in Johnson County.

Wind traveling between 75 and 85 miles per hour can pull shingles from roofs or damage them significantly. This damage most commonly starts at the edge of the room and can expend from there. Once shingles have been lifted from the roof, a house can be exposed to water damage from melting ice and snow or rain, especially if repairs are not completed before the next storm rolls through.

In a high wind event, poor installation and projectiles from the storm are likely causes of damage. Be sure to use a premium Johnson County roofing contractor, like us, when installing or repairing your roof to help give your roof the best chance against wind damage.

Changing wind speed and direction most commonly causes shingles to come off a roof. Debris like dirt, twigs, leaves, and even trash can be blown under the shingles and cause the roof to deteriorate more quickly. Repairing and replacing shingles quickly is the best way to protect your room. If your roof experiences shingle damage, call our Overland Park roofers immediately for roof repair in Johnson County.

The best way to accurately evaluate how your roof has fared after a storm is to call us, the best roofers in Johnson County. We will come out and perform a detailed inspection of your roof. From there, we can determine the condition of your roof and identify any leaks or damage to roofing materials and your gutters.

Before we arrive, do a quick home check, both inside and out, and note any damage you can see. If any of the following issues are visible, please let the roofers know right away. This will help pinpoint any areas that may require extra attention.

  1. Damage to HVAC unit
  2. Damage to any exterior structures, like sheds or play structures
  3. Cracks in windows or caulking
  4. Rips in window screens
  5. Broken or damaged fencing
  6. Water stains inside the home
  7. Broken lights on porches
  8. Leaking water in the attic
  9. Displaced shingles or gutters
  10. Downed trees or branches

After a storm, never climb out on the roof yourself. This could be hazardous both to your personal safety and to your roof, which may already be damaged and compromised. Leave the investigating to us, the professional residential roofing contractors in Johnson County. We strive for great service, thorough inspections, and a high-level of attention to detail. We are highly qualified in emergency roof repair in Johnson County, so call us before you put your safety and roof in jeopardy.