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Common Roofing Problems You May Face

The quality and health of your roof is extremely important to its lifespan. A roof isn’t necessarily something you want to have to get repaired or replaced every couple of years. The life of your roof should be 30 years or more, depending on what material is used. Knowing the most common roofing scams you may face will help you hopefully catch the damage early enough to get it repaired by the your roofing companies in KC.  

Common Roofing Problems You May Face

Leaky Roof

If you follow roofing companies in Kansas City on social media, this one shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. A leaky roof is a very common problem roofing companies in Kansas City receive requests for all the time, especially after a torrential downpour rolls through. If you notice your roof leaking, call for repairs immediately!  

Broken/Missing Shingles

While a couple of broken shingles isn’t necessarily as critical in getting repaired by the your roofing companies in KC as a leaky roof is, too many broken or missing shingles can lead to severe problems. With missing shingles, exposure to water can find its way through the gap and leak under the surrounding shingles, ultimately causing a leaky roof.   

Hail Damage

Hail damage on a roof is one of the more unnoticeable roofing problems homeowners face, as it’s pretty difficult to view the top of your roof from ground level. When hail hits, it knocks granules off of shingles, which can also eventually lead to a leaky roof over time.  

Clogged Gutters

Another often forgotten chore among homeowners is gutter cleaning. During the fall when thousands of leaves fall from the trees, many find their way stuck in the gutters of homes. When these become clogged and then rain falls, it becomes a mushy mess that clogs the drainage system and will eventually impact the roof. As a premier residential roofing company in Kansas City, we highly recommend cleaning your gutters come fall!  

Poor Installation

Damage will undoubtedly ensue if a roof is improperly installed. If you want your roof to be around for as long as possible, having professionally licensed roofing contractors in Kansas City install or repair your roof is super important to prevent further damage.   


For premier roofing in Kansas City, call Shamrock Roofing and Construction today if you notice any of the damages listed above and we will get it fixed right away!