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Many homeowners are puzzled when it comes time to assess the status of their roof. They have no idea what to look for or what constitutes enough damage to warrant a roof replacement. Sometimes what looks serious to you isn’t. And what seems like just a tiny dent in a shingle could be something that compromises that entire section of the roof.

So how do you know whether you need to make repairs to your roof or whether you need to replace the whole thing?

One of the best ways to make this determination is to schedule a roof inspection. A comprehensive roof inspection by Kansas City roofing professionals – such as Shamrock Roofing and Construction – may uncover a whole host of issues, but it may also provide peace of mind when you find out your roof is in great shape. It’s always better to know what you’re dealing with, and a roof inspection is a good way to get started.

Reasons to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Here are some of the many reasons that homeowners may want to schedule a residential roofing evaluation for their Kansas City home:

  • To provide recommended general maintenance. Your roof will last longer if you care for it regularly.
  • To determine the cause of a leak. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where water is coming from. A roof inspection can pinpoint the source of the leak.
  • To assess the extent of storm-related damage. Spring and summer storms often bring hail and high winds that can wreak havoc on your roof.
  • To assess the extent of other damage, such as that from rodents, tree branches, etc. Sometimes critters get on the roof and get into mischief. Also, lots of Kansas City neighborhoods have big trees, and falling branches can cause a lot of damage.
  • To assess the quality of workmanship. Perhaps the previous roofing job wasn’t done correctly. That could lead to issues later on, and it would be better to know about that now.
  • To determine the estimated remaining life of the roof. It’s good to know how much life is left in your roof, especially if you’re thinking about selling. Conversely, if you’re buying a new home, you need to know how long it’ll be before you have to invest in a new roof.
  • To assess the condition of the existing materials. Some roofing materials are of a higher quality than others. Scheduling a roof inspection for your Kansas City home can help you assess the quality of materials – and the potential lifespan – of your existing roof.

Shamrock Roofing and Construction Offers Free Roof Inspections for Kansas City Homeowners

Here at Shamrock Roofing, we know how hard it can be to stay on top of roof maintenance and repairs. We know it’s even harder to figure out whether you need a new roof or not. That’s why we offer free residential roofing evaluations for Kansas City homeowners. No matter what kind of roofing needs you have, whether repair, maintenance, new roof installation, or a roof inspection, our Kansas City team of roofing professionals is here to help. Contact Shamrock Roofing today to get your free residential roof inspection scheduled. We’ll come out and take a look at the condition of your roof and help you determine the best steps to take from there.