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Did Your Roof Spring a Leak? Here’s What to Do

Discovering a roof leak for the first time is never a fun process. It can be unnerving to feel unsafe in your own home. It’s also stressful to think about what kind of roof repair you might need or how much it will cost. 

Unfortunately, a leaky roof is quite common, especially in the rainy spring season. Luckily, roof leaks during heavy rain aren’t permanent. Here are some things you can do to minimize the damage while waiting for a local roofing company, such as Shamrock Roofing and Construction, to survey the mess.

Clear Your Valuables

The first and most obvious thing you’ll want to do when you discover a roof leak is move your belongings out of harm’s way. Having a roof that needs storm damage repair is bad enough. You don’t want your valuables to get damaged too.

Keep the Water from Spreading

When your roof leaks during heavy rain, the water can move at a fast pace. In this case, you want to contain the water as much as possible. Even a slow drip can quickly lead to water accumulation, resulting in permanent damage to your flooring. It’s best to take a proactive approach. Use old buckets, bowls, garbage cans, and towels to catch the water and prevent it from damaging your home.

Puncture the Problem

Once you’ve taken care of the inside, it’s time to assess the problem. Survey your home’s ceiling. If you notice any dips or bulges, that’s a good indication that water is pooling in that spot. Believe it or not, it’s often a good idea to punch out this part of the ceiling to release the water. Simple tools like a screwdriver or knife will do the trick. Just make sure you have a second pair of hands on deck to catch the free flow!

Collect the Right Proof

Storm damage repair is expensive, and many insurance companies can be stingy with water damage claims. That’s why documenting your damage in real-time is so important. Once you’ve handled the more immediate tasks, take time to snap photos and videos and create a list of items that were damaged by the leak. Then hire a team of professional roofers to get a free roof inspection and additional photo documentation of the leak and subsequent damage. Armed with this information, you’ll have what you need to file an insurance claim when the time is right.

Need Help With Your Leaky Roof? Give Shamrock Roofing a Call!

Once you’ve discovered a leak in the roof, you’ll want to find a team of experts to handle the problem. Our team at Shamrock Roofing and Construction is just the solution. We’ll calm your nerves and assess the full extent of the damage with a free roof inspection. If you want us to, we’ll also make the repairs, ensuring that the job is done right — and as quickly as possible. The longer you wait to call, the more extensive the damage. Contact us today to get your roof repairs underway!