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Did Your Roofer Clean Up the Mess?

roofer cleaning up

Homeownership is hard work, and most people take great pride in their space. Part of homeownership includes making updates, repairs, and renovations where needed. One aspect of every home that needs regular attention is the roof. Roofs in Kansas City are especially susceptible to damage from harsh winters, rainy springs, and summer thunderstorms in the Midwest. While many homeowners put rooftop repairs on the back burner in favor of more exciting renovations like new tile or countertops, your roof is a hard-working, protective barrier that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

That said, finding quality residential roof contractors isn’t always easy. Additionally, a roofing project can create the stress of a mess, so selecting a roofer that treats your house like their own and cleans up at the end of each day is extremely important. Here are a few reasons for choosing a roofing contractor that cleans up after a project.

Maintain Curb Appeal

Your home is your sanctuary, and coming home to someone else’s chaos is frustrating. There’s no doubt that a roofing project is bound to create some clutter, but the stress that goes with a project of this magnitude can be minimized by having the right team on board. The residential roof contractors that you want to work with take extra care to put all roofing debris in a dumpster and tactfully position that dumpster out of the neighbors’ sight. Cleaning up the mess at the end of each workday helps maintain curb appeal throughout the project. And helps keep your neighbors happy. 

Safety Check

A second reason to look for residential roof contractors that clean up daily is the fact that a roofing mess creates a safety hazard. Building materials, tools, and equipment can be dangerous if left in community walkways. No one wants to step on a nail or sharp metal flashing. An injury to your family, guests, neighbors, or the contractors can be avoided with intentional clean up at the end of each day. 

Proper Waste Disposal

Roofing companies in Kansas City work with a variety of materials and products that can be hazardous. They’re the experts on disposing of these items in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. You’ll want to hire a roofer who has the experience and wherewithal to take end-of-project disposal seriously. 

You Can Count on Shamrock Roofing and Construction

If you’re looking for one of the your roofing companies in Kansas City, look no further than the team at Shamrock Roofing and Construction. We’ve been working on roofs in Kansas City for over 55 years. Our team thrives on customer service and will perform your roof work with quality and professionalism. We’re also committed to clean-up and will leave your space in even better condition than when we arrived. If you’re ready for a low-stress roof installation, contact us today!