Difference Between Hip and Gable Roofs 

If you were given pictures of different roof designs, would you know what each one is? Unless you’re in the industry of premier roofers in Kansas City, we’re going to assume you probably don’t. To add to your glossary of roofing terms, today we are going to discuss the difference between hip and gable roofs.  

Hip Roof

A hip roof is a very common design built for homes by the your roofing companies in KC. The hip design has no vertical ends and all sides of the roof slope down towards the walls, with the slopes all meeting at the peak. The hip is the external angle that is formed when two adjacent sides meet. This roof design is a bit more expensive for roofing companies in Kansas City to build than others but is still widely popular.  

Types of hip roofs include: 

  • Pavilion
  • Half-Hip
  • Dutch Gable
  • Mansard
  • Tented

A hip roof doesn’t need as much diagonal bracing like other designs do. It is also great as it has gutters around its edges and its durability withstands weather well. However, don’t expect much attic space with this design. 

Gable Roof

Where hipped roofs have all sides sloping downwards and meet at the peak, a gable roof design is where only two sides slope downward with a gable at each end, while the other two sides are the walls of the house. According to roofing contractors in Kansas City, a gable roof is just as popular as a hip roof and, just like a hip, there are different types of gable roofs: 

  • Gambrel
  • Open Gable
  • Box Gable
  • Flying Gable
  • Cross-Gabled

A premier roofing company in Kansas City might suggest a gabled roof if you need attic space, as it provides plenty of room. This design is much easier to design and build than a hip roof and looks great combined with other roof designs. 

Continue following our blog to learn more about the different roofing designs and for roofing tips. If you’re looking for the your roofing companies in KC, Shamrock Roofing and Construction is a highly regarded and awarded company, specializing in both residential and commercial roofing in Kansas City.