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Discover the Benefits of a Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

Owning a commercial property is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment. As a business owner or commercial property manager, you’ve worked hard to reach this point, so why start slacking now? Taking care of this valuable asset (and its roof) should be a top priority. Pun intended.

Unfortunately, roof maintenance in Tulsa isn’t top of mind for many busy entrepreneurs. However, experts on commercial roofing in Tulsa say roof maintenance is one of the best decisions you can make for your real estate investment. The roofing experts at Shamrock Roofing and Construction explain why.

It All Comes Down to Numbers

Many building owners prioritize budgeting and finance. After all, making a profit is how a business keeps the doors open. But a tight budget doesn’t mean a roof checkup is out of range. Shamrock Roofing believes that regular commercial roof maintenance (especially for standard EPDM roofing or a flat TPO roof) can actually help the bottom line. 

Regular inspections allow building owners to take care of minor problems before they become big (and expensive) headaches. Quick and seamless roof maintenance in Tulsa is a lot more budget-friendly than a premature roof redo, so the numbers make sense!

Reduced Liability for Damages and Injury

In a litigious society, many business owners are concerned with anything that creates a liability on the property. When you hire a team of experts on commercial roofing in Tulsa, you can avoid claims of negligence by proving your roof is well kept and maintained. A simple annual inspection gives you peace of mind year-round. It also provides the documentation you need should a lawsuit come knocking. 

Keeps Your Warranty Valid

Many insurance companies (especially those insuring EPDM roofing) bury maintenance clauses deep within the fine print of the contract. These stipulations require building owners to show proof of regular maintenance before a claim can be processed. If your EPDM or TPO roof truly requires repairs down the road, you could be stuck between a rock and a hard place if you don’t have maintenance documentation on hand. It’s frustrating to waste company dollars on roofing damages that should be covered. That’s why Shamrock Roofing always recommends routine cleaning and care. 

Expect the Best from a Shamrock Roofing Maintenance Plan

If you’re looking for a roof maintenance plan in Tulsa, you’ve come to the right spot. With our annual inspections, Shamrock Roofing and Construction offers routine roof cleaning, early problem detection, discounted repairs, and a complete warranty package. Contact us today to learn more about how our commercial roof maintenance program can help protect one of your most significant assets!