DIY Gutter Cleaning – How To’s For Tulsa Homeowners

DIY Gutter Cleaning is naturally the homeowner’s first choice as we all want to save money by doing it ourselves. This “How To” blog contains some tips for our Tulsa Homeowners.  

As you know keeping your gutters clear of debris can ultimately prolong the life span of your home. Since gutters are made to catch the excess water that can gather in roof areas, as you attempt DIY gutter cleaning, it is vital to make sure that you regularly clear out leaves and dirt to allow easy drainage. It is also important to keep the gutters checked on a monthly basis to ensure that critters have not created a home in your home, therefore, creating a potentially damaging roof problem. 

DIY Gutter Cleaning

DIY Gutter Cleaning and Safety First

When attempting DIY Gutter Cleaning always secure an extension ladder firmly on the ground and ask for help to hold the ladder steady. Another option for cleaning out the gutters from the ground is the use of a garden hose or a shop vac/blower with extension tools attached for reaching up and then inside the gutters. 

All in all, cleaning your own gutters is challenging and time-consuming, and can also be dangerous. If you find yourself needing to clean your gutters in Tulsa and don’t want to do it yourself, Shamrock Roofing and Construction can give you a free roof inspection so you can weigh your options.

Just remember if you DIY Gutter Cleaning it is important to do it regularly so that you prevent the following:

  • Pooling water at the building’s foundation
  • Foundation cracks
  • Basement leaks
  • Ceiling damage due to persistent roof leaks
  • Mold
  • Siding damage

An annual roof maintenance program can not only help you to avoid cost-causing damage but can actually maintain the value of your home for the day when you decide to sell. Shamrock Roofing is a reliable Tulsa Roofing Company with over 45 years of roofing maintenance, repair, and reroofing experience. If you change your mind from DIY Gutter Cleaning to depending on a gutter cleaning company that you can rely on Call Shamrock today: 918 514-3235.