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DIY Gutters? Maybe Not!

Guttter in a rainstorm

A new roof is a big purchase, one that’s not always exciting, but necessary to protect your home and retain its value. One of the most critical aspects of your roof composition is the gutter system. Quality gutters redirect rainwater away from your home’s foundation, keeping it nice and dry, which then helps prevent issues with the foundation down the road. Gutters in Overland Park and the greater Kansas City metro area are especially crucial as spring approaches in the Midwest, bringing rain and thunderstorms to the region.

While gutter installation may seem pretty self-explanatory, it actually requires a healthy dose of expertise. Of course, it can be tempting to save money and try this project on your own, but working with a team of Overland Park roofing contractors is an investment that’s well worth making. Here are a few ways DIY gutter installation can go wrong. 

#1. Improper Positioning

A large part of the effectiveness of your gutters is dependent upon their positioning on your rooftop. Miss the mark by just an inch or two, and you might as well not install them at all. The perfect location, pitch, and slant are what make them so effective. Keeping the gutters level and in proper position can be difficult, especially if you’re a one-person-show. Overland Park roofing contractors provide a team of experts with all the right tools to make sure your gutters are installed with the proper slope and look good from the street. 

#2. Too Many Seams

Seams are the most susceptible parts of your gutter system. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a gutter to completely split at the seam when harsh weather strikes. Minimizing the number of seams during the installation process and ensuring they’re spaced properly is a job for the pros. If you’re shopping for gutters in Overland Park, make sure you pay attention and minimize the seams when possible. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing, contact your local Overland Park roofing contractors for help.

#3. A Recipe for Injury

One of the most obvious downfalls of DIY gutter installation is the potential for injury. Anytime you’re on a rooftop, certain precautions should be followed. If you don’t have the right safety gear or the proper equipment for the job, the likelihood of injury increases. Rather than risk bodily harm, why not call a team of Overland Park roofing contractors? They can complete the project more safely – and more quickly – than you can on your own.

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Forget DIY. Make sure your gutters are installed correctly so that they can protect your home the way they were designed to. Shamrock Roofing and Construction has been in the roofing business in Kansas City for over 55 years. We offer top-quality guttering installation and repair services. Our highly-skilled team will make sure your home is protected from water intrusion with a seamless aluminum guttering system. Contact us today for more information.