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Does any company in Lee’s Summit provide insurance coverage over their roofing services?

Our forefathers have often highlighted the gravity of the roof in the saying that one should be grateful for the roof over one’s head. Conscious property owners reflect upon this thought when they get their roofs covered under the homeowner’s insurance. Given the kind of climatic conditions at Lee’s Summit, Missouri, you might be in for a very undesirable and expensive surprise if you are not properly maintaining your roof. We do not want you to go through such an uncalled experience. As a professional roofing service provider, we very well understand the pain that a damaged roof can be. Roof replacement can be time-consuming and exorbitant and it only becomes worse if you are not covered by insurance.

Roof repairs can be stressful because not only are they expensive but comprehensively they can impact the daily activities revolving around your home and your living in general. Hence it is almost essential to reduce the financial burden with the aid of insurance companies. 

Insurance companies, however, look into several factors concerning your roof and use these to determine the validity of your claim. These factors include the age of the roof, the condition of the roof, and the cause of damage. Thus, we strongly advise you to avail professional roofing services for regular inspection and maintenance of your roof so that you can keep your roof in top shape and maximise your claim from the insurance company.

Coverage scopes and exclusions are of paramount importance when it comes to insurances. Therefore, we suggest you get a professional roofing contractor like Shamrock Roofers to inspect your roof and provide you with a report that articulates about the condition of your roof before the damage had occurred. Therefore, if wind or hail strikes your house, you can show the insurance company that there was no pre-existing damage. This also determines whether your insurance company would cover the costs of a roof repair or a full roof replacement. 

Whether it is coverage for repairs or coverage for full roof replacement, Shamrock Roofers guarantees you complete hassle-free insurance coverages on our roofing services.